Camp Team Update

After arriving on Sunday, our team was able to drive to Gerona and get things ready for our camp. This week, we were able to serve the community and church by accepting almost 70 campers. We were able to play sports, complete crafts, worship, and swim with these children. It was awesome to partner with Iglesia Adonai and minister to these children. Below is one account of one of the many touching moments that happened at camp this week.

“Being my fifth time in Guatemala, I thought I had learned about all there was to know about the people and the country. I quickly learned that this was not true. It hit me as I circled my room Monday night to try and keep the giggly girls quiet and go to sleep. As I walked by one of the girl’s beds, she told me that she had pain in her heart. In my broken Spanish, I asked her what was going on. She proceeded to tell me that her heart was hurting for certain people she had seen and met that day within the camp, and she wanted me to pray with her. She told me about a new friend she had made, and her mom had died during childbirth earlier this week. We prayed for this girl and asked that God would provide for her family. She also asked to pray for the team and named specific people that she had seen earlier that day. I was able to stop and realize the powerful work God was doing in this young girl’s life. Not only was I able to share this experience with her, I was able to speak truth into her life and empower her to continue the good work ahead of her.

The girl I am writing about above has been a part of Iglesia Adonai each year I have been in Guatemala. It has been an incredible experience watching her grow throughout the years. When Caroline’s Promise first started working directly with Iglesia Adonai, I was privileged to be on the forefront of the work and movement that was happening. Now, I am so blessed to see the fruit of our prayers, time, and hard work pouring into the lives of these children. I can’t wait to see the next generation rise up in Iglesia Adonai.”