Team 1... How was Guatemala?

At the end of each team's trip, we sit down and discuss the most important moments and lessons that God has given us. We take some time to process what we have experienced and summarize it in a sentence. This way, when our family and friends at home ask us how the trip was, our sentences give us a little help in conveying what God taught us and how He changed us in Guatemala.

Below are the sentences CP Team 1 shared with us:

Amy D.--"God reminded me that relationships are very valuable, and it's so
very important to allow God's love to grow and abound. A stranger
becomes a friend when God's love is allowed to break through the
barriers of language and awkwardness. "

Paul--"God showed me that the word of God and serving others will keep
me from sin or sin will keep me from the word and serving others."

Amy P.--"When I was in Guatemala, God showed me how lives are being
changed at Casita Adonai."

Patti K.--"The Lord is multiplying the talents of His people at Iglesia
and Casita Adonai, and they are impacting many lives for God's kingdom,
my own included."

Tami--"Somehow, on these trips, the Lord manages to empty and fill me
at the same time."

Dan-- "Last week I learned in Guatemala that:
•    It is a beautiful country with beautiful weather with many loving
and generous people.
•    People do not have to be wealthy to be happy but they need some
basic necessities.
•    A safe and loving church and school can have a huge positive
influence on a child’s development.
•    Building relationships is just as important as offering aid.
•    God works primarily through people so people must go with their prayers.
•    Successful teams must have good leaders and humble and cooperative people.
•    Guatemala kids are really cute and joyful.
•    Visitors from the US can be ministered to and blessed as much or
more than the locals.
•    Crime and gang activity are a terrible weight on a society.
•    Visitors to Guatemala need to learn as much Spanish as possible to
maximize their experience.
•    Knowledge and wealth are worthless in building the body of Christ
without humility and love.

To summarize, last week in Guatemala, I learned that you should consider going on one of the next missions trips, because both you and the people you meet will grow and be blessed."