Christmas Shopping that Reclaims Hope!

The fall is an excellent time to book your Party with a Purpose!  We have several different styles of scarves from our ladies in Guatemala, beautiful jewelry from several groups working with victims of human trafficking, and gift items suitable for everyone!  Parties with a Purpose are great ways to get your community engaged in making a difference for others!  Here are some creative places to host a party:

·         In your home.  Consider inviting us to your annual Christmas party or class get together.
·         In your school.  When we come to your teacher’s lounge shopping gets easy for your teachers and staff!
·         In your church.  Are you having a Christmas tea or brunch?  We can set up our fair trade items and even provide a speaker if you need it!
·         In your community.  Do you know of craft fairs or festivals in your area?  Let us know and we may be able to set up a booth.
·         MOPS groups.  Life just got easier for your moms of preschoolers.  What better time to shop than when you have free child care!
·         At your business.  We can set up anywhere!

Here are just a few of the places where you can catch us in the coming weeks:

November 2 - Orphan Sunday at Wilson Community Church
December 9 - 9am - MOPS at Westover Church

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