Calling all Guatemala Adoptive Families

I remember the first Christmas that our daughter, Caroline celebrated with us.  We became a family on December 1, 2003 when her adoption from Guatemala was final.  That Christmas was extra special to say the least! 

If you're like me you often wonder what life would have been like for your child if they had remained in Guatemala.  Even more, you probably wonder what your life would be like had you not been united with them!

This Christmas we are offering a very special way for you to honor your child while helping kids in Guatemala who struggle daily.  Caroline's Promise is in the midst of constructing a 3 story school in Guatemala City.  Casita Adonai is home to 165 of the most vulnerable children in the area.  They not only receive a quality Christian education, but they receive food, safety, and lots of love!  Their parents are also assisted through  parent education and job skills training.  Hope is truly being reclaimed for kids and their families in Guatemala!

The first floor and most of the 2nd floor is almost complete.  We lack $48,000 to complete the 2nd floor and $65,000 to complete the third floor.  We want to give you an opportunity to help us continue construction by purchasing 50 blocks for $25 in honor of your child.  We will provide a beautiful card, explaining the gift and when the school is complete we will place a plaque with a list of all of the children who were honored through the purchase of blocks!  What a great way to help kids in Guatemala and teach your kids at home how to give back to their birth country!

Purchase your blocks here and while you're there, check out all the other great Gifts with a Purpose!
Be sure to list your child's name in the comment box before you check out!