Rebar and Concrete Never Looked So Good!

Our friend, Douglass sent this photo to us this morning.   It was one of many, showing how the concrete on the top of the second floor is settling and drying.  This picture struck something deep in my heart.  You see, all over Latin America there are these columns of rebar sticking out of the tops of buildings.  If the people were ever to build another floor they would need these columns to connect to.  Sadly, there are buildings where the next floor never gets added. 

Someone told me one time that to them, these columns were a sign of "hope".  There was always hope that construction would continue and another floor would be added.

Today as I saw this photo I heard Jesus say "See.  I am doing what I said I would do."

There have been times when I wondered if the first floor would be built.  Would we be able, along with our partners to raise the funds needed?  And yet, concrete for the top of the second floor was poured on Saturday and as it dries and we continue to raise funds to complete the interior of the second floor - this picture brings hope.  Hope that the third floor will also be built.  Because Jesus is going to do what He said He would do. 

It was His dream.  His vision.  His hope for this community. 

I'm so thankful that He invited us to be a part of it and I'm thankful that you have partnered with us.

Rebar and concrete never looked so good to me!

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