Lies and Truths

On one of the last nights of our trip the women’s team decided to read the lies and truths that the women from both retreats (Pana and Gerona) wrote.  We cried as we heard the ugly things satan has spoken over them.

I’m never going to prosper – get ahead – I’ll go to hell.  I’m not worth anything.  Noone loves me.  Jesus doesn’t listen to me when I pray.  I’m not worth anything.  My family is bad.  I have no future.  I can’t pray for anyone.

God doesn’t exist.  Who would believe in God?  God can’t forgive you.  You are a bad mother.  You are a sinner.  God doesn’t love you.

You’re not a good mom.  You’re not a good wife.  You’re not a good daughter.  God cannot use you.  You are weak.  You don’t have any ability.  You can’t be happy.

Nobody values me.  I’ll never be successful.  I’m not worth it.

I don’t do things that the Lord finds pleasing.  God doesn’t like me.  Depression in the deepest part of me.
I feel like dying because I don’t have the strength.  I work a lot and I feel tired.  Nobody values what I do.  You can’t do it.  You are shy.  You aren’t wise.  You don’t have worth.  You don’t have character.  You aren’t prepared.  You can’t be a good leader.  You aren’t able or capable.  God can’t forgive you.  You don’t deserve it.  You’re not worthy.

I can’t pray.  I don’t have time to go to church.

I feel like leaving my house.  Sometimes I think about God and everything (bad thoughts) go away when I pray.

Sometimes I think that I’m ugly.  I think that I’m good for nothing.  Sometimes I think that nobody loves me.  Sometimes I wish that I would die.

You don’t have a purpose.  You aren’t beautiful.  God can’t forgive you.  You have done bad things.  You cannot be healed.  You’re never going to prosper.  You’ll never travel.  You’ll never have relationships with people. 

My husband will never be free.  My son will never be free.

I’m never going to prosper.  I’ll never change.  My past will always be here.  I’m not worth anything.  God will never forgive my sins.  Nobody ever believes me.  They always think the worse of me.  But God has changed me.  Thank you father for having mercy and for helping me to not believe or feel these lies.

People always think that I’m a liar and they think that I haven’t changed even though God has already changed me.  There is always someone who says the opposite.  

The first church I went to was Catholic – then a Christian church.  Things have happened with pastors and a lot of times I tell myself that if all this bad stuff happens in churches it’s better for me to stay in myself and not hurt anyone.  Just help whoever I can.

And as we read the truths, we began to rejoice:

Precious jewel that should shine 

I’m your princess

I’m loved

The Holy Spirit is with me

I’m your beloved daughter with a special purpose

He is always with me

I trust in God

You are my daughter.  I bought you

Your desires should be like Martha – an instrument for your service.  Love God and love myself so 
that I can love other people.

I know that you love me.  I have infinite covering from you.  I have your coat on me.  Your protection.  I’m the niña de tus ojos.  Thank you God, I love you

A new purpose.  A new love.  A new trust

Because I love you like the daughter of my eye.  Because I am your father I will always be with you.  I will never leave you.  I will always be with you.  I love you.  I want you to be happy with what you have.

Our last team activity was to pray and then burn the lies.  It was a perfect ending to an amazing week of ministry with these women.  I am so blessed to have been able to share this with them. As I watched them pour themselves out over and over, I also saw God fill them back up.

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