Calvary Impact Girls make a difference in Guatemala

This summer a team of 25 people on our family team ministered to and loved on
the 150 children of Casita Adonai in Guatemala through an art camp, which culminated with
an art exhibition for the parents of the kids. Prior to the trip, the team collected the much needed supplies and money for the undertaking of this project. An art camp for 150 kids means suitcases full of brushes, paint, glue, paper, etc. 

But, as always, God had it all under control. We were so excited when Aimee Bray -
Director of Impact Girls at Calvary Church in Greensboro contacted us. 
A former team member had shared with her our need for art supplies for
art camp.

Aimee shared the need with the girls in her group and asked the girls to bring in whatever they wanted; she suggested a one dollar donation. Not only did she encourage the girls to give, but also told them she would match what they brought dollar for dollar. The next Wednesday these 35 young ladies brought in $95. Aimee matched it and added $10 to make it $200, providing for us the funds to purchase many of what we still needed after collecting supplies. God always supplies...always in His way, His timing, and always above what we expect. We were able to leave a generous amount of art supplies, to which they otherwise would not have access, for the teachers to use with their students this school year. 

The art camp was not only a fun, interactive thing between the team and the kids, but also brought in the parents and families. One of the goals of the church and school is to create unity and build relationships between the parents and staff...the art exhibition at the end of the art camp did just that! During the week of the art camp, the team didn't have as much time to do crafts with the kids as was originally intended; however, as the art work was displayed in the sanctuary of the church, we were all once again reminded that God always supplies...always in His way, His timing, and always above what we expect. The parents were filled with amazement as they saw the beautiful art work their children created. And the children were filled with amazement as they realized that they are beautiful works of art created by God.