Camp Team Trip to Panajachel

Family and Friends,

After spending Monday and Tuesday completing work projects at Casita Adonai, we traveled to Panajachel at Lake Atitlan on Wednesday morning to partner in ministry with the sixth graders for their senior trip. We enjoyed a boat ride across the lake to watch them complete their service project, assisted by the men of Wendover Hills Wesleyan. The students were eager to help and educate others with the information they had received. It was an incredible experience to watch our students empower others from another community in their home country.

After spending the rest of our day swimming and playing games, we woke up Thursday for our kayaking and cliff diving adventure. The kids and team enjoyed the experience, jumping from the cliffs and swimming in the lake! Thursday night, the boys were able to spend some time talking about respect and relationships with their parents, while the girls focused on healing and finding God’s truth in their lives. We were grateful for God’s presence with us and pray that Jesus will continue to confirm the truth spoken in each of the hearts of the children and team members.

As we arrive at the Rivas house tonight, we plan to rest, pack, and reflect on this experience in preparation to return home tomorrow. Please continue to pray for us as we process our trip, encourage one another, and return to the United States! Look out for our next blog post, which includes a brief summary of what God has taught us during this past week.