Word of thanks from our youth leaders in Guatemala

In July our CP Camp team partnered with the leaders of Adonai Church to host a middle school camp for kids from 3 areas - Adonai Church, the community of Gerona, and kids from Casita Adonai School.  Many of you prayed and sponsored kids to make the event possible!  Thank you!

Here are some photos as well as words of thanks from our youth leaders at Adonai Church.  Please continue to pray for them as they minister weekly.

Peace and blessings from the Lord. We give thanks for each one of you who were moved to help us with our Camp for teenagers in July 2016. Our dream was to have a Camp teaching about "Living without Masks" like God calls us to live.  We are thankful for your support with all the supplies, workshops, games and prayers before and during Camp. Our heart finds joy and gratitude because we have achieved this goal, all the glory and honor to God!
In this camp we had 60 teenagers from 11 to 15 years old, they enjoyed the games, workshops, making masks, moments of ministry , free and sincere expression to their parents , free and sincere expression through praying in Colors to God, etc. The essence of this camp can be expressed in two beautiful aspects :

1.  Leaders from Adonai Church and Caroline's Promise working together, learning from each other for the same purpose of pleasing God and give love to our kids.

2.    27 Teenagers accepted Jesus as their savior, the night God spoke to their life!

As you can see, your investment in these teens was worth it!  Without you we could not have had the camp.  Our prayer is that God will continue to bless you and that these teens would rise up as leaders in their schools and community!