Together we are praying and together we are doing - in Gerona

Together we are praying and 
Together we are doing - in Gerona

While our summer teams have wrapped up, our partners in Guatemala continue to work with the children and their families. A lot of time is being spent investing in the community of Gerona, which is just outside of Guatemala City. This is beautiful because the people that we build relationships with and invest in turn around and send themselves out to serve others every Sunday. What happens is a local camp donates space each week for the children, teen, and women to have services; however, some weekends the camp is full, and instead of letting this hinder the ministry, our partners have services in the street. Together, we are praying about the next steps in Gerona. The goal is to purchase land in that community to further the ministry and relationships. While land is available to purchase, the price is high so we are trusting God to show us what to do.

To be prepared for when God says to “move” we have set up a fund, so that we are somewhat ready.

The "together we are praying" part is really important to us. Together we are praying, and together we are doing. In Guatemala, our friends are being obedient and sacrificial to God. Here, we want to be the same thing. The children’s ministry at our local partner church, Wilson community church, has been busy doing just that.


The Dub Kidz, the name of the children’s ministry at WCC, have worked hard over the last couple of weeks to raise money for the future needs in Gerona. Together, the children have raised a total of $237.67!!! The children are so excited to give and help the beautiful people in Guatemala, and they haven’t even met them. We are so proud of our kids.

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