$40 can send a teen to camp

Words can't express how proud we are of the youth from Adonai Church in Guatemala City.  They have worked hard to develop a discipleship and outreach program that is amazing!  In addition, they have been raising funds to attend their high school aged camp November 25-27.  They began months ago by creating banks and teaching on the importance of saving.  From there they hosted a ton of fundraisers and have been able to raise the funds for their youth group to attend camp.

Now they need our help!  They would love for 25 of the older teens from their Gerona church plant to attend camp as well.  The cost is $40 per teen and we're looking for a total of $1000.

If you would like to partner with the Adonai Youth and support a teen from Gerona, please follow this link. 

Thank you for helping us celebrate the Adonai Youth and their hard work, while making a way for the teens in Gerona to attend camp.


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