Fire in Guatemalan Children's Home kills 30 + - what can we do?

By now, many of you have read about the tragedy that took place yesterday in a government run children's home just outside of Guatemala City.  Reports are conflicting but this is what we know.

*  The home was able to house 400 but there were at least 700 (some say closer to 900) children living there.

*  The children ranged from young children to older teens.  Some were orphans, others were runaways, some had been serving time for crimes.

*  A riot broke out on Tuesday night when some of the children began to protest because of inhumane conditions - lack of food, violence, sexual abuse.

*  On Wednesday morning some mattresses were set on fire and 19 girls died on the scene.

*  Since then, at least 11 more have died in hospitals.

So what can we do?  It's interesting to me that when tragedies like this happen we all want to "do something".  I'm the same way.  Right now, I know that we can pray.  And that's the best thing we can do today.  So here are a few ways that I thought of for us to pray.

*  All of the children involved.  Those who escaped, those who are lying in hospitals, those who are displaced.  Can you imagine the trauma?  Pray for healing on every level.

*  The families who lost children.

*  The private children's homes that will be asked to take in some of these kids.

*  The Red Cross, volunteer firefighters, medical personnel, counselors, and caregivers

*  The government of Guatemala

*  The churches in Guatemala - that they will see the need of children all around them and ask God what they can do.  Intercountry adoption is closed in Guatemala but Guatemalans can adopt children.  Pray for the hearts of believers to be stirred and pray that they will be moved to action.

Of course there are so many other ways to pray.  Please don't think that your prayers don't matter.  They do.

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