The day you realize that it's working!

Days go by.  Partnership forms.  Conversations take place.  Hearts and ideas are shared.  Plans come together.  Plans Change.  And they change again.  Ministry is done.

And the cycle starts all over. 

Days go by.  And then one day you're scrolling through Facebook and you see a photo that takes your breath away.  And you realize that today is

The day you realize that it's working!

All of the praying, talking, sharing, mistakes made.  It's all working and God is changing lives and generations.

This is the photo that did that for me. 

 It may seem like a normal photo of kids in Guatemala but there is more to the story.  Years ago we decided to start a child sponsorship program in our partner church, Iglesia Adonai.  We believed that the connection between child and sponsor would be an encouragement to the kids and that the financial support would keep the kids fed, clothed, and in school. 

We dreamed that this program would produce leaders and change generations.  The three girls in the front of the photo are fatherless, each for a different reason.  The support of their sponsors over the years has helped in so many ways but this photo shows the real difference that child sponsorship is making.

These sweet girls are now serving on Sundays in the community of Gerona where the Adonai Church is planting a church.  A few years ago they were the ones being ministered to and now, they are doing the ministering. 

This photo tells us that what we are doing with your help and in partnership with the Adonai Church - is working!  Thank you for investing and partnering with us.

We currently have kids just like these who need a monthly sponsor.  If you are interested, get the details here.  

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