New Welding Scholarship Announced

Several years ago God gave me a dream of teaching welding to young adults 
in our partner communities in Guatemala.  

You may ask "Why welding?"

Well, if you know me and my family, it makes sense.
I'm the daughter of a welder.  My Dad, Kenneth Best was the son of a welder and both of his brothers
are welders.  Through the years he and my Mom built a successful business that my brother, Brian now runs.  He taught me what it means to have a strong work ethic and I watched his business grow, even in the toughest economy, making a way for him to pay for my college education and most of graduate school.

Through the years I would see young men in Guatemala search for a job that paid decent money and over and over I saw them struggle.  If only they could learn how to weld.

In January my brother, Brian traveled with me to Guatemala where we met with the Director of the Welding Program at Intecap (technical school).  We were incredibly impressed with their facility, equipment, and program.  With our partners we designed an Introduction to Welding Seminar that will be held June 24 - 29 at Intecap.  22 young adult men and women have registered to attend and will receive hands on training from our team of welders from North Carolina.  At the conclusion of the week they will receive a certificate and the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to the welding program at Intecap.  At the end of their 9 month program they will be a licensed welder and most importantly, have the opportunity to obtain a job that will support themselves and their families.

Kenneth Best Welding Scholarship
Our Board of Directors has graciously agreed to name this new Scholarship Fund in honor of my Dad, Kenneth

 $150 will pay for one student to attend the 9 month welding program at Intecap.  

Just think, $150 will literally change someone's life by providing them with the education and skills to become a welder and like my Dad, support their family.

As Father's Day approaches, I can't think of a better way to honor my Dad than to support this scholarship fund.  What about you?  If you would like to partner with us, donate here.  Any amount is appreciated and with your gift of $50 or more we will send your Dad a special card, acknowledging the gift in his honor.  

Thank you for your continued prayers as we partner with our friends in Guatemala to reclaim hope.

Be sure and check out our facebook page to follow the story in pictures. 

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