God taught me.........

We don't just take short term mission teams to be taking them.  We try to be purposeful in our planning, making sure that we are doing projects and ministry that our Guatemalan partners need and request.  We are constantly reminded that God puts the people that He wants on each team.  It's a privilege to serve with them and watch God work in and through them.

One of our teams was led by Kaitlyn Armstrong, Ruth Edward, and our amazing interns.

"During our week in Guatemala, we were able to partner with church members and school staff to provide a variety of ministry opportunities. While working with the women, we were able to share our personal testimonies and encourage the mothers to be unified with their daughters. We were able to partner with Casita Adonai and chaperone the sixth grade trip, serving the students and providing devotional time. Throughout the remainder of the week, we teamed up to provide English classes and partnered with the school to update and set up the current computer lab. Business trainings were held, teaching women how to make bracelets and providing instruction on our latest business procedures and future transactions. Lastly, we were able to cover the church and school in a few prayer walks, circling the building and praying blessings over the ministry that continues on throughout the year."

At the end of their week the team shared 
what God taught them......

That a language barrier would not keep these children from helping me grow which in return helped me pour the love I was receiving into them and to be obedient to Him.

That my horizontal relationships should always be influences by my vertical relationship with Him.

That if you don’t first love the people you are serving, nothing you do for them will matter.

That there is more to a person than what the eye can see.

To let go and be still in Him.

That He makes everything beautiful in its time.

That only His words define me and no lie can keep me bound.

That I need to take time to enjoy the work that God is doing in and around me.

When God speaks, step out in faith, even when its uncomfortable. Trust that He has every detail lined up. Your obedience is not only for your growth and healing, but for others you are not aware of. You may not see the outcome, but the obedience in itself is so rewarding.

That I am a worthwhile person and I don’t have to necessarily prove that.

That spending time and loving can be even more important to people than giving material things or construction work.

How He makes Himself apparent not only when a goal is reached, but also in sweet moments along the way.

That when I am obedient, He provides all I need.

To talk more and speak up.

That there is a right time to plant and another time to sew.

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