7 Days of Celebration - A Miracle for Baby Marvin

Merry Christmas! Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus. What a special baby, to say the least. As we were thinking of stories from 2017 to celebrate, we immediately thought of a baby in Guatemala and how God spared his sweet life. 

We didn't plan to take a medical mission team, but God made it clear that this was his plan. (You can read how that happened here)

At the end of the first day of clinics, a mom showed up with a baby that was less than a year old. She didn't live in the community but was visiting a friend whose kids attend our Sunday afternoon Kids' Church. Dr. Smith and our Guatemalan doctor, Tiffany Quan, both realized that the child was near death. Tiffany jumped into the back of a truck with the mom and baby and took them to the nearest fire department where they were rushed to a local hospital. The mood was somber as we boarded the bus, each of us realizing that unless God intervened, baby Marvin would not live for very long. 

Two days later, Dr. Tiffany learned that baby Marvin was still in the hospital, but getting better. I think we were all a bit shocked that he had survived. The reality hit that God had placed our team in that community that day, specifically for Marvin. The following Sunday, our team saw baby Marvin and his mom at our project in Gerona! It was truly a miracle!

This is just one story of celebration of how God puts our mission teams together. We have a plan, but we give it to Him and allow Him to make the changes. Today we celebrate baby Marvin and look forward to seeing God fulfill His plans in this young life!

There are many stories in Guatemala waiting to come to life, and you can be apart of that! If you are thinking of a year end gift, we would love for you to consider partnering with us. Follow the links to the different projects and join us in a project that is close to your heart. Together, we will gather at the end of 2018 and celebrate how God has used your gift!

2017 End of Year Projects

Building of Promise: Help us complete the third floor of the Building of Promise, providing a rooftop playground, sports court, classrooms, and space for horticulture projects. To support this project, click here.

Child Sponsorship: Your gift of $40 a month will support a child in Guatemala. Click here to view the kids who are waiting for a sponsor. 

Support for Teachers: Your monthly gift of any amount will allow us to pay our teachers what they deserve. If you have a heart for teachers, contact Lisa for more information or set up your monthly recurring gift here. We are also raising money for classroom support of our teachers. Your one time gift will support a teacher and her class. To give a one time gift, click here.

Trauma & Grief Counseling Team: In February, we will take a team to offer grief counseling and training for our leaders in Guatemala. Our prayer it that this will not only be a time of healing for our friends, but that they will learn the skills to provide trauma and grief counseling in the future.To read more about the team and to donate, click here.

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