Amazing Opportunity to Offer Preschool in Gerona

In October of 2017 we met with families from the community of Gerona.  We wanted to know how we could best partner with them.  When Lisa asked, "What are your dreams for your family & community?" they looked at her like she had 4 heads.

She rephrased the question.....
"What are the greatest needs in your community?"

One thing that we heard over and over was how the kids are struggling in school.  We knew that our older kids were repeating grades several times but in that moment we realized what part of the problem was.  A lot of the parents are illiterate and therefore don't have the resources to help prepare their kids for school.  When they enter first grade they are already years behind where the government expects them to be.

We left that meeting asking God how we could best help them with this need.  We have identified property in Gerona where we could build a ministry center.  This place could serve many needs including a church, tutoring, community gardens, business and vocational training.  But until we raise the $30,000 to purchase the land and then the money needed to construct a building, we felt like we were limited.

In February when we returned to Guatemala we learned that Sarita, the Director of our partner school, Casita Adonai had been working on this need.  She heard our heart to help the people and she got to work!  Casita Adonai offers a private, Christian education to kids in the community of Nimajayu which is about 45 minutes away from Gerona.  Sarita learned that she could keep registration open until the last day of March and actually offer a "satellite" preschool class in the community of Gerona.  The kids will be Casita students but will study in their own community.  They will visit Casita once a week.

We are obviously thrilled that the Lord used Sarita to make this happen.
We are also in a time crunch to decide if we can actually offer the program.
We will need two $40 a month sponsors for each child.  And we need them by Tuesday, March 27.

That's where you come in!
If you don't sponsor a child, will you please prayerfully consider doing so?
If you do sponsor a child will you think of ways that you can help promote this need?
And will you PRAY?

We believe that God is in this and that this is His dream for the community of Gerona.

You can learn more about Gerona here.

The list of kids who need sponsors and instructions on how to set up up your sponsorship can be found at this link.   

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