Entire families are changing in Guatemala

Urgent Need for Teachers in Guatemala!

Casita Adonai school continues to be a ministry to the children in the Nimajayu community of Guatemala City, but more than just children are being helped.  On a recent visit to the school we heard the story of a family whose 3 children are enrolled.  The mother lived a life of prostitution and the father was involved in gang activity.  They both were known to use and sell drugs.  You can imagine the life that the children lived and yet, each day they were able to attend Casita where they received love, a quality education, and the knowledge that Jesus had not forgotten them.  Because the children were sponsored, the parents were able to afford the other half of tuition.  Otherwise they would have put them in the overcrowded public school where there are often 80 kids to 1 teacher. 

In January the father of these children came to the school and the director sensed that he needed someone to talk to.  She opened her office and pressed him to share his concerns with her.  He eventually opened up and shared how he had done "bad things" in the past and that people wanted to kill him.  He was frightened for his life and for his wife and kids.  The Director was able to pray with him and he accepted Jesus that day.  She encouraged the children to take a Bible home and ask their parents to read it to them.  Since then the kids have reported that their parents are different and that life at home is calmer.

This is a beautiful example of how God uses our teachers and administrators on a daily basis to speak truth and life over the kids and their families.

For the past several years our goal has been to increase our teachers' salaries.  Because the school, Casita Adonai is in a difficult area of Guatemala City, we cannot charge more for tuition than we are currently charging.  Child sponsorship helps parents with the cost of tuition however there is still a lack of funding to pay the teachers what the government requires.

At the end of 2017 we decided to go ahead and increase our teachers' salaries to the National Minimum for the 2018 school year.  This requires Caroline's Promise to invest in the program monthly for the next year while we help the school determine ways to become self sustaining.

We are currently $1100 a month short in meeting this need.

We are asking you to partner with us through a one time gift or monthly donation.  Any amount is greatly appreciated!  Please pray with us that God will provide the donors that are needed to keep the doors of the school open while we help them find creative solutions to become self sustaining.

You can make your recurring or one time donation here.  Choose the fund "Guatemala Orphan Projects" and write "Teachers" in the comment box.

Thanks for partnering with us!  God is using your support to change
entire families in Guatemala. 

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