Mommy and Me in Gerona

As many of you know, after talking with the parents in the community of Gerona, we learned that kids were beginning public school and were already so far behind. This sparked the idea of a Preschool in the community of Gerona! Donors have helped us to start this preschool, and there are currently 20 kids in the program. The kids are already learning so much! 

Another request from teachers was to help parents learn how to be a part of their child's education. So, another idea was formed: a Mommy and Me training. The Calvary team helped set up Mommy and Me and led it this past week. We were so excited to see that not only did moms show up, but dads did too! See the video below.

We are so thankful for Calvary's ministry this past week, and we are so thankful for the child sponsors who are making the Gerona Preschool possible! We still have several kids in need of sponsors. Click here to see a list of these children.

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