How Casita has changed and helped children

Over the last few years, we have been able to travel to Guatemala. It has been a pleasure to spend time with the teachers and children. Seeing how things are different from the schools we attend and being here is an eye opener. 

The school is a magical place, I think, for the kids. Seeing the school 7 years ago and now, it has changed dramatically. I remember when the school was just stones and wooden pillars, and the rain could fall into the classrooms. The school is a safe place for the kids to be kids, play, and learn. 

The kids today were really excited to see us. When we did Master Builder, the kids were quiet and paid attention. They showed us the same behavior in the classroom. The children had fun learning about Moses and the burning bush. They did each craft how they were told and had fun playing the games.

This really showed us that they are being well taken care of while in Casita. The impact we make on these children – whether donating, sponsoring, coming to share/visit – is that they know they are loved and prayed for daily by so many.

Written by Hunter and Gabriella, two team members from Wilson Community Church

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