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How I found my purpose in Caroline’s Promise

It’s hard to find the words for my first mission trip. It’s even harder to find the words to describe my incredible experience. 

I was clueless when it came to mission trips and I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I didn’t know what my purpose was on the trip. “What is God’s plan for me?” I asked myself as we took off for Guatemala. 
Soon enough, God showed me that I was supposed to be where I was. 

Immediately after landing in Guatemala, I felt the amount of love and care that Caroline’s Promise gives the people of Guatemala. Children would swarm our team giving hugs, smiles
and waves. They were so grateful and excited we had arrived.  

From our girls retreat, helping promote self-love, and trusting the Lord to teaching the younger kids about the importance of The Armor of God, every minute was precious.  I never knew so much could be accomplished in a week. 

It was amazing to watch Ruth, Valerie and Melissa teach the women of Florecer how to support themselves and their families through hand-making products such as bags and home decor items.  But it was even more fun to spend the days with their children, loving them, laughing with them and learning all about their adventures. 

Looking back, I don’t know how I could ever question my purpose on the mission trip. God had a plan for us all on this trip and he taught me not to fear difference or change because he has a plan and purpose for us all. 

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Last week we shared a Building of Promise Construction Update We told you that our most pressing need is $20,000 to pour the concrete that will be the ceiling of the second floor and base of the soccer/sport court. This space will be used by our school and church but will also allow us to offer a soccer league to the community as a form of outreach.  We need to pour the concrete ASAP before April rains come.  We are thrilled to announce that a friend of Caroline's Promise has offered a $12,000 Matching Grant toward this project. This means that every $1 you give will be matched, becoming $2. Thank you Jesus!
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This is my second mission trip to Guatemala. Last year was an eye-opening and humbling experience for me. Last year I was very nervous about coming and had an overall negative attitude. This year I felt I was being called to come and went in with a more positive attitude. I chose this week to come, because this year I was coming without my mom and brother and I knew both of the leaders, Ruth and Jacey. It turned out the week I chose to come, we were going to be doing a girls retreat. 
We arrived Friday around lunchtime and headed from the airport to Delmi’s so we could get settled in and get lunch and rest before we headed to Shama, a camp in Gerona. We prepared for the girls arrival, some of us helped with decorations and some of us decided to get to sleep early. 

Waking up Saturday morning, I was anxious for the girls to get there. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to make an impact on the girls or that the language barrier would keep me from helping out. 

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Will you help Florecer to purchase sewing machines?

Caroline’s Promise artisan group, Florecer, is growing!

Thanks to our new friend, Meredith Ferrell, the group has several new products to make, requiring higher quality sewing machines. We would like to be able to purchase 6 quality sewing machines. The average cost for each machine is $500. We have raised $510 to date. 
Changing the world doesn’t mean giving hand outs. Changing the world means providing jobs, training, education, and sharing Jesus. By partnering with us to purchase sewing machines, you become a world changer. You are making an impact on an artisan’s life. It gives her work. Work gives her income to feed her children and pay tuition and gives her dignity. Worth and dignity. Partnering with us to provide sewing machines brings worth and dignity to women, children, and families living in an impoverished country. Be a world changer!
You can donate here. We appreciate your support!