The Power of a Smile

     In Guatemala, it doesn’t really matter where you look; you will find a smile. Smiles are found on the Guatemalan people, the American people, or even in the mirror, and the smiles are truly infectious. If you are having a rough day, or are just exhausted, a smile could be just what you need. There is truly nothing as powerful as a smile. 

     I sponsor a young boy in Gerona, a suburb of Guatemala City, through Caroline’s Promise. I began sponsoring him last year, but never had the opportunity to meet my sponsor child. One of the Caroline’s Promise leaders gave me the sad news that I would have to find a child to sponsor because my child hadn’t been active in the ministry. I was crushed to say the least. Meeting my sponsor child was one of the driving forces behind returning to Guatemala, and it was something that was seeming like it wouldn’t happen, but then I got a tap on the shoulder and was told to come outside. There he was; The kid I had traveled over 2,000 miles to see and he had one thing on his face. A smile! 

     This smile was one of joy and excitement, and I know I had one on my face that could match it. From then on, everywhere I went I had a smile. 

     One thing I have learned in Guatemala is how much a smile can impact a life. They are something that is so contagious, so simple, and they have the power to change a moment, a day, and a life. 

     Written by Landon Clary, a member of the Sports Team this summer.

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