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Your Year End Gift: Daniel's Story

On this last day of 2018 we want to share a powerful story of how your partnership has enabled us to live out one of the core values of
Caroline's Promise. 

Today's value is:

"We value planting empowered and equipped leaders in the local community in order to become oaks of righteousness"
 Isaiah 61:3 "They will be called oaks of righteousness,
    a planting of the Lord
(One of our favorite photos of Daniel - at a recent youth camp)

    for the display of his splendor."

Daniel is a beautiful example of the power of child sponsorship. 

A family sponsored through Caroline's Promise
Caroline's Promise partnered with the local church in Guatemala
Daniel received financial, emotional, and spiritual support
He grew and developed roots that are strong and deep
He's now investing in and ministering to kids who were like him

He shared his story with us:

(Daniel with Kendall - age 6)
"My name is Daniel and I am 20 years old. I was part of this great blessing that is child sponsorship.  Let me tell you a little about what this has done for me.  Guatemala is a country with a lot of poverty and I was a child of limited resources.  My future seemed not very good but God gave me the very best sponsor family. I received letters from them and have been able to see them through the years. 
(Daniel & Kendall 2018 - age 20)
They are like my second family and I love them.  I have no words to explain how their love for me and support changed me.

Thanks to God, I graduated and am now attending University.  I also have a very good job. I am currently a Youth Leader in my local Church with a Spirit of hunger for souls for our God.
(Leading on a recent mission trip)
I believe that Caroline's Promise fulfills what God says in Isaiah 61: 1-3 that the spirit of God is upon them because they have been a blessing for a whole community;  for a whole country like Guatemala.  They have broken borders to be able to take the good news of Salvation and carry the message to the afflicted, the poor, the orphans and the widowed mothers. They have been a means of consolation for a whole nation.  
They always go for more and that is the true meaning of a revival leaving
(Leading students in the Soccer Academy)
the four walls of the temple the four walls of your church and directly affecting a community. They have brought happiness and there is no doubt God is with them. If you are not part of this blessing and you want to bless someone's life and give them a 180 degree turn like me, make the decision to change the life of a boy or girl today."

(Daniel's sweet family)

We currently have 9 kids in the community of Gerona who need sponsors.  If you would like to invest in a child like Daniel, follow this link. 

Today is the last day to make a 2018 tax deductible contribution.  Other ways to support Caroline's Promise are listed below.  

Thank you for partnering with us!

Florecer Sewing Machines
Soccer Academy
Water Filters

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