Big News! $12,000 Matching Grant Given for 3rd floor Soccer Court Concrete!

We told you that our most pressing need is $20,000 to pour the concrete that will be the ceiling of the second floor and base of the soccer/sport court. This space will be used by our school and church but will also allow us to offer a soccer league to the community as a form of outreach. 
We need to pour the concrete ASAP before April rains come. 
We are thrilled to announce that a friend of Caroline's Promise has offered a $12,000 Matching Grant toward this project.
This means that every $1 you give will be matched, becoming $2.
Thank you Jesus!

The soccer/sport court will be here. We can't wait to see kids and families from the community enjoying this space and finding Jesus! Do you see those trees that God planted years ago? We think it was His dream to have this rooftop play space in area where kids can't safely play outside. So he went ahead and planted those trees in advance. 

Will you prayerfully consider how you can be a part?
Talk about it - invite others to pray and give.
Set up a personal fundraiser or Facebook fundraiser.
Talk to your civic, church, or community group about giving.
If you donate through our Facebook Fundraiser all transaction fees are waived by Facebook. 

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