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Where are they now? Cesy Samayoa

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Medical need for Rodrigo's Family

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Where are they now? Ingrid Marisol

  Dave & Abby Propst of Wilson, N.C. have sponsored Ingrid Marisol for years.  When we asked them how child sponsorship has impacted their family, they said  "Sponsorship to our family has meant being able to grow a solid relationship with children in a country we fell in love with.  And in turn the children we fell in love with get to learn about the Jesus we love!  Sponsorship is a full circle Jesus moment."   Ingrid Marisol sent a message to Dave & Abby through our Guatemalan team in December.  Ingrid Marisol December 2021 "I am thankful for the help from my sponsors.  I graduated high school this year and will continue my studies at the University in 2022.  I want to study English!"   We are so proud of Ingrid Marisol and thankful for the Propst family and their years of investing in her! If you would like to sponsor a child please visit  our website

Remembering Melissa Roberts

  We were so sad to hear of the tragic passing of Melissa Roberts .  When she lived in Wilson, N.C. she joined Eastgate Community Church (formerly Wilson Community Church) on trips to Guatemala where she was a bright light and encouragement to everyone she met.  Our hearts go out to her husband, Brian and daughter, Sabrina.  We join with her friends from Wilson who are shocked and grieving the loss of such a beautiful person.   Containers used to store water  Her friends from the Wilson community were looking for a way to honor Melissa and we felt that meeting a need and helping to find a solution was exactly something that Melissa would get behind.  We recently learned that the families in Gerona are in desperate need of containers to store water.  Because they do not have access to running water, they are dependent on trucks from the government that deliver water every other day.  The problem is that many families don't have containers to store the water.  These containers are $3

Where are they now? Sthefany

Hello, my name is Sthefany.   I am 16 years old and am currently in the 4th year of high school in Biological Sciences.  First of all I want to thank the Groves Family who sponsored me during my primary school period because thanks to them I was able to complete primary school.  I am also very grateful because although I did not meet my sponsors, I appreciated them very much for the support and help they contributed in my life.   It was a great blessing that Caroline's Promise can contribute great things in the life of a person.  The experience I had was totally great. I got to know places thanks to them and they also showed me their love through letters (letters that I still have), gifts and financial aid. I would really like to meet and know how my sponsors are and meet them in person and thank them personally.   And well, I think that these kinds of experiences make you grow as a person in all aspects and how wonderful that those kinds of people exist, such as Carolina's Pro

Where are they now? Jeremy

Hello my name is Jeremy.   I want to tell you about the experience I had being sponsored in my elementary school studying at the evangelical school Casita Adonai.  I started studying more or less when I was 3 years old and I received sponsorship at the age of 8.  I was in second grade when the Pinon family sponsored me.  I want to send them greetings and thanks because thanks to them and Caroline's Promise I was able to finish my schooling.   I must emphasize that every year they sent me gifts, which I appreciate even more since it was not enough for them to support me at school but they sent me gifts and that is saying a lot.  It was a blessing and a great support for my family and for myself, in addition there were many more people that I also remember with great affection.   I am currently 18 years and thanks to all those efforts is that I can say that I graduated from a bachelor's degree in computing with a scientific orientation and at this point in my life, I have the opp

Mission team member's "idea" + Facebook Fundraiser = Jobs in San Nicolas

  Our last team to Guatemala was in November of 2019.  That seems impossible but it's true.   The primary focus of the team was a pediatric medical clinic that was hugely successful.  However, that wasn't the only seed that was planted that week in the community of San Nicolas.   Wanda King has been going to Guatemala with Caroline's Promise for years.  We can always count on her to bring hand sanitizer, goodie bags that she and her sister make for everyone, and lots of love!  One of the things I love most about Wanda is that she is willing to step in and do anything that is asked of her.  A few weeks before this trip she asked if she could bring a set of hair cutting supplies.  I didn't know if there was a need, but I knew that Wanda felt strongly that she should bring them and so I said "of course!"  Little did we know the impact that one idea would make.   Wanda spent most of that week teaching our partner, Monica how to cut hair.  We quickly realized that