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Barbie Clothes - Handmade in Guatemala!

One of the most exciting things we do through Caroline's Promise is connect with women who have dreams!  This is Brenda.  She lives near Iglesia Adonai and attends an Assemblies of God Church that we partner with.  When she graduated from our Threads of Promise sewing program she had been making these doll clothes by hand and was praying for a sewing machine.  Her hard work paid off and she used her new machine to continue her business.  In February she completed the Business Training that Caroline's Promise provided through Yobel International.  We quickly learned that God had given Brenda even bigger dreams.  She hopes to use the profit from the sell of her Barbie dresses to buy a commercial sewing machine and make dresses for girls, teens, and women. We believe in Brenda and love her heart to serve Jesus so we are going to help her this summer by providing a way for you to purchase these dresses!  Follow the link to place your order.  Each dress is $16 and will be