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Potato Soup Promise

We've announced our summer dates for trips to Guatemala. Perhaps you're considering one of them, but worry or doubt makes you wonder how it would work out. Well, one of our board members, Stephanie, shares a story about just that very thing: trusting God with every detail, even the small ones.... "A few years ago, I was preparing for a mission trip and it had seemed so harried the days leading up to going. All the last minute details of leaving my family for those 8 days were overwhelming. Even my husband and children were lamenting about what they would eat while I was gone. They asked if I could make their favorite baked potato soup before I left. I planned to make it the day before I left. That day seemed to be so full and I started to stress about finding the time to make the soup. I don’t know about your family, but it is hard on mine when I go. In addition to generally missing me, I homeschool my two children and my husband was working long hours at times. As t

It's time to think about 2014 mission trips!

It's that time of year!  If you've always thought about going on a short term mission trip, this may be the year for you.  Caroline's Promise is serious about our short term opportunities and we have scheduled weeks in March, June/July, and October.  Whether you are going by yourself or with a group, we have an opportunity that will fit your needs.  New this year - a Heritage Trip for kids who were adopted from Guatemala and their families.  And don't forget our family team for Moms and/or Dads and their kids who are 10 and up. Applications and $100 non refundable deposits are due by January 31.  Stop by our website and read about the different opportunities.   If you aren't sure where you fit, send us an email at Don't delay!  Teams are filling up!