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Being a Child in Guatemala

Each day has been a day to watch Hunter. But on Sunday it was extra special as Hunter got to do many things with the children at the church and also in the community of Gerona. Once arriving at the church some of the children that attend Casita came running up to him. Pablo and Marco are two boys that wanted Hunter to come and sit with them. So he joined in on the children’s lesson learning about Jesus by music and games. Hunter really enjoyed getting to sit in a circle with several of the children. “I got to give my first offering in a Guatemala church”, said Hunter.   It started to rain while at church and due to the holes in the roof water came in. But the people stayed in their seats and listened to the word of God. Really, it was raining so hard that you could hardly hear at one point but that didn’t make them leave. Hunter watched as the rain came in the church and school, even at one point saying “everything is getting wet”. In the afternoon we went to Gerona with several

Sights, Sounds, and Smells of Antigua

Saturday Hunter was able to get out and see another side of Guatemala. Antigua used to be the capital of Guatemala. A very tourisyt town, old buildings and stone walk ways. Hunter said the smell of Antigua reminded him of a Pig’s fart. Yes, we laughed.  While walking the streets he was able to see the ladies, gentlemen, and children begging for money.  At one point he went to McDonalds to get some fries which was a treat for him. When walking out he saw a mommy sitting with her daughter in the rain holding a bowl for money. He said can I please give the little girl my fries? We had to explain that you can’t. He was so sad. Hunter said to Tripp that if he was living in Guatemala, he thought he would be living on the streets.  Later in the day, another team member Abby gave Hunter some dollars to give to the people as he was upset he couldn’t give them anything. Seeing the smile on his face as he was told he could help a little was amazing.  He walked by a daddy and a little

Graduation Day in Guatemala

Today was the graduation for Prepa (graduating from Kindergarten), and 6 th graders. It would be the last time that the 6 th graders attend Casita. Hunter was able to be a part of the first graduation. It was really special! Esteban is a 6 th grader that Hunter really bonded with during the last 2 days. He speaks English as well.    The ceremony was beautiful with freshly made flowers by the ladies of the church. All the decorations that were made by the teachers were so beautiful.   Most of all Hunter enjoyed the handmade graduation hats.   What a special thing for him.   Hunter wanted to be a part of the ceremony and graduate with them. So he put a hat on his head and his daddy told him that he was now a graduate of Guatemala. Hunter said the highlight of his day was going to his first Guatemalan restaurant with all the 6 th graders. They all made him feel like he was a part of them. Having lunch with the big kids was pretty cool!  When asked what he learned t

Guatemala through Hunter's eyes

Hunter has been in Guatemala for 24 hours and has seen experienced a lot of firsta. This is the first time he has been back to his birth country in 7 years. So the sights and sounds were interesting to him at the airport. But the smile on his face was a great thing to be a part of.  Wednesday afternoon after arriving, we got busy packing 70 plus bags of food for the children that are sponsored. The food will help provide for them during the next 4 months while school is out for the summer. Hunter worked really hard helping to separate the food and bag it. He was then excited to see the dorm and where he would spend the next 5 nights. Before going to bed he told his daddy “my dream has come true, I get to see my country”. Today, we visited the school where we gave out the bags of food and sponsor gifts to the children. To see their faces filled with happiness was great. Hunter enjoyed getting to see the school they attend, all while saying this is nothing like Rock Ridg

Join us at these Orphan Sunday Events

Caroline's Promise is proud to be a part of the Christian Alliance for Orphans .  One of the most important tasks of the CAFO is to equip churches and inviduals to celebrate Orphan Sunday which will be November 3.  If your church or small group would like to help with this event please visit this site or contact us for ideas.  We can provide a special speaker or a display. Please visit us at the following Orphan Sunday Events.  Our representatives will be there with ways to make a difference.  We will also have our fair trade items available for purchase. Saturday, November 2 Beautiful Feet:  An Orphan Sunday Awareness Event.                                       Music by George Denehy  4pm - 6pm  Durham, NC                                       Sunday, November 3 - First Christian Church Kernersville, NC                                       We will be a part of the exhibit booths in the fellowship hall before, during                                       and after the

Headed to Guatemala on Wednesday

Caroline's Promise takes several short term teams each year.  On October 16 a team of child sponsors will travel to Guatemala to be a part of Casita Adonai's first 6th grade graduation.  We appreciate your prayers for safety and health.  Will you also join us in praying that the families of the children will sense God's presence throughout the festivities? Our team will deliver gifts to the kids from their sponsors, administer flouride to all students, meet with the women involved int he Threads of Hope Sewing Project, and make plans for 2014 partnership and ministry. One of the projects we will explore is the possibility of taking a Heritage Trip in 2014.  This team will consist of adoptive families whose children were born in Guatemala.  Our team this week includes one such family - Tripp & Buffy Poole.  Their son, Hunter is 7 years old and was born in Guatemala in 2006.  He is in the second grade and is very active in church, school, and sports.  Hunter and his f

Book Your Party With a Purpose Today!

We are excited about the beautiful fair trade items that are coming in each week!  We would love to help you host a party where your friends can learn about the individuals who made the items while shopping for Christmas.  Proceeds support our projects in Guatemala. Ideas of places to host parties: Small groups Womens' Groups - Invite us to set up before your Holiday event Mens' Groups - We'll even provide free gift wrap! Teachers' lounges Churches In Home Parties Contact us today at LisaHolbrook@CarolinesPromise.Net