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God of our yesterdays

One day this past week God really spoke to me through this song. I was a little overwhelmed with questions about the future. As the song played on I physically felt myself relax in God's presence. So, it's an old song - but one of my favorites these days. I hope it encourages you. We can trust Him! This link will take you to the song. The lyrics are listed below. God of Our Yesterdays When we were in the darkest night And wondered if our eyes would ever see the light You were there Lord. When we were in the stormy gale And wondered if we´d ever live in peace again You were there Lord You were there in the struggle You were there in the fight You were there all the time. We praise You, the God of our yesterdays We praise You, the God who is here today We praise You - our God as tomorrow comes. And whatever lies ahead Whatever roads our grateful hearts will come to tread You´ll be there Lord We will fix our eyes on You, And know