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Orphans And Human Trafficking

We loved this post from The Christian Alliance for Orphans on Orphans and Human Trafficking. At the end of the post you'll find a link to a webinar that they held in January on this issue. We encourage you to watch it. The point was made that we focus a lot on the rescue of women and children from this horrible situation. And we should. However, there is a huge need to focus on prevention and rehabilitation. We believe at Caroline's Promise that God is allowing us to be part of the prevention of human trafficking. Several years ago the only option for the poorest kids living near our partner church in Guatemala City was to go to the public school. Not only are the schools overcrowded, but the kids are targeted by gangs who prey on their vulnerability. Imagine a 13 year old girl without parents, being lured by a gang member who can offer her clothing, food, a cell phone and "hope" for the future. I shudder to think of where she might end up. Promised an education an

Christmas Gift Packs Delivered!

We asked you to help and you came through in amazing ways! So many schools, scout groups, churches and families put Christmas Gift Packs together for our kiddos in Guatemala. Thank you! Over 400 packs of school supplies were delivered and will be a great help to the kids at Casita and in the church. Thank you!

God's theme for my 2011

A few days before Christmas I read a monthly letter from one of my favorite authors, John Eldredge. He encouraged readers to ask God a specific question regarding 2011. “What will the theme of 2011 be for me personally?” I must admit, I was a little overwhelmed by the suggestion. However, when I took some time to think about it God showed me that He had given me themes in previous years. Why wouldn’t He want to do the same for 2011? Life moved on, Christmas came and before I knew it I was on a plane to Guatemala with eleven women. As we left snow covered North Carolina I whispered to God, “What is Your theme for my 2011?” I always approach short term mission trips with an attitude of expectation. What does God want to teach me? What one sentence would sum up the experience? How should my life change because of this time away? This trip was no different. There was plenty to be excited about! The church and school that we partner with had been busy. I was

NY Times Article on Abortion, Adoption & Fertility in America

Jedd Medefind, President of The Christian Alliance for Orphans, recently posted on their blog about an interesting article in The New York Times. "The New York Times yesterday carried a surprisingly frank and poignantly written piece on the complex intertwining of issues related to abortion, adoption and fertility in America. As Ross Douthat concludes in The Unborn Paradox , “This is the paradox of America’s unborn. No life is so desperately sought after, so hungrily desired, so carefully nurtured. And yet no life is so legally unprotected, and so frequently destroyed.” The piece is well worth the read."

A Poet Among Us

We were blessed to have Hannah on our team. She was not only an amazing translator but we quickly learned that she is a poet! Hannah wrote several poems while we were in Guatemala. We’re happy to share two of them with you. G – giving simple gifts from our hearts U – unreal is the experience we go through together A – actuality and reality of people’s situations never completely settling in our minds T – taken for granted the blessings we rarely share E – everlasting thoughts of return M – memorable vegetation that thrives on the sharp inclines of hills A – although McDonald’s is still the same L – lots of other things bring hopelessness and pain A – Abba our Father working in mysterious ways everywhere Hannah Fernandez 12/31/10 Faces unable to be described Young souls who have seen so many who have died If I had said I knew their pain, I would have lied. The sight makes most want to go and hide. S

Lea Ann's Story - The WOW of God

This was not my first trip with Caroline’s Promise or my first trip to Guatemala. I was sure of how this trip would go because in hindsight I had quit expecting God to WOW! me. For the past four years my mother battled lymphoma – cancer of the lymphatic system. In that time she survived three returns and each time God brought her out. Somehow I figured with all that prayer and deliverance I must have met my quota of grace and mercy. I took this trip the day after Christmas with one daughter who has been four or five times before and one daughter who had never been on any trip. This was our “present” trip to ourselves after a year of economic hard times and losing a grandmother and mother twenty days apart. I took for granted God would deliver the money we all needed but in typical God fashion at the 11 th hour – He did. We were given a beautiful “White Christmas” and in the morning we had such an abundance of white snow we could not get our car out of the driveway.

Katherine's Story - Close to the Heart of God

I am on my way home from Guatemala….. reflecting on the past week, hoping and praying that my own life will be different. For many years I have yearned to be moved by the things that break the heart of God . I’ve even asked Him to break my heart that I might be able to love others through His heart….that I might see others as He does. This trip has been an answer to that prayer and I have felt His love for the people of Guatemala – especially for the children. Although it has been heartbreaking to see the suffering and how very little the children have – it has been strangely comforting to be so close to God’s heart . To hear that it is the norm for a mother to lock her four year old and two year old inside all day while she goes and tries to earn $1 a day, is hard to comprehend. To know and see how these mothers love their children and are not even able to provide for their basic needs, is so sad. I am so encouraged by the Caroline’s Promise child sponsorship project t

Your Vote Can Help Build a Library!

We have applied for a Kindermuisk Good Beginnings Grant. If we get the most votes between now and February 9, we'll receive $1000 to build a library at Casita Adonai in Guatemala. Will you help us? It's easy! 1. Every day between now and February 9, visit Kindermusik 2. Search "Ideas by votes" Look for the project "Develop a library for inner city children in Guatemala. 3. You can vote up to 10 x a day - every 24 hours. 4. Spread the word by posting on facebook, forwarding this email, and inviting your friends to make a difference with just a click! 5. Celebrate with us on February 9 when we receive the grant! 6. Watch lives change as kids and parents learn to read

Your fair trade shopping made a difference!

Do you remember a few months ago when Caroline's Promise was busy with open houses and Parties with a Purpose? Well we can now see the result of all that shopping! Your purchases truly made a difference in the lives of 20 orphans in Guyana. We learned in December that the home had lost all of their Christmas decorations in a small garage fire. And then, we realized that no one had stepped up to provide Christmas gifts for the kids. Boy were we thankful that you had shopped! Our Guyana Country Coordinator, Angie Hemric shares on her blog , what it was like to spend Christmas with 20 orphans! We hope you enjoy the stories and pictures.

Family Movie to Air This Saturday

If you're like us, it's hard to find a family friendly movie to watch on tv. The following blog post from The Christian Alliance for Orphans gives details on the made for tv movie, "Change of Plans". It will air this Saturday, January 8 at 8pm. Follow this link for more details, including a 45 minute webcast following the movie: