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We climbed in a taxi at 7:30 am this morning to go to church. The message spoken by Pastor Marlon is what stands out to me even now.  He spoke on reaching our communities and taking on the very nature of God. His message dug through Romans 1:1-7 and really touched my heart. His message made me think, “Do others see God’s own nature of holiness through me?” He made a cultural reference to how people here might excuse their behavior by popping off the popular phrase,  “I am a Christian, I ain’t no saint!” and called us all to not just be Christians – but saints.  I have never thought of it this way, but God is calling us to strive for His holiness! We are His Saints and when we choose to take on God’s nature of holiness then we can reach our communities. Our communities, which can be where we work, live or meet up with others, need us, the saints, to share the love of Jesus! One thing I never saw in Sunday morning service before was the use of a visual object lesson.  However today P

Our Interns' First Day in Guyana

 Sydney's Thoughts: When I first heard about Plastic City I literally thought it was a city made of plastic homes and buildings. Now that I have seen it for myself I know that it is not that at all, it is so much more. When we first came into plastic city I could immediately see the poverty that we were about to enter into. Shacks are people’s homes and wooden planks are used as pathways so you are not walking in the mud. Weeds and plants cover the ground, so without the path it is very hard to walk. Most people, especially the kids, walk around without shoes on their feet. But this doesn’t even compare to where we were about to enter into the jetty.   When we walked into the jetty I was in complete shock!    Angie had told us that the jetty is the “poorest” part of Plastic City, but I obviously had no idea what poor really meant. As you walk through the jetty you walk on an above ground rock wall. This path is in a straight line and takes you right to the Atlantic

Day One in Guyana

The past two days have been long and exhausting.  Today Sydney and I where given the opportunity to budget our own money for our time here in Guyana. Angie is giving us the opportunity to learn how to handle money when you’re on a small missionary budget, she is also allowing us to handle the cab fees and pay for our own meals with our budget money. Angie is allowing us to get a glimpse of what life on the mission field is like day in and day out. Today we met the Wesleyan District Superintendent Reverend Ivan Williams at the Wesleyan District Office/Bible College in Georgetown. He asked some pretty direct and straight to the point questions to Sydney and I, which I have to admit at first I was a little stunned. In America we don’t ask these kinds of questions in the first five minutes of a conversation. He asked us point blank “what are your plans while in Guyana” and “what do you feel the Lord has called you to do with your life”.  While talking, he brought up a subject that wa

How Can a Pillow Case Change a Life?

One of our summer mission teams will help start a sewing ministry with the Moms at Casita Adonai in Guatemala City.  Their first project will be to make an adorable pillow case dress!  Our hope is that God will use this ministry to encourage these women, open their hearts to Him, and help them learn a skill they can use to provide for their family.  The end result will be Mamas keeping their children instead of abandoning them! If you would like to contribute to this project you can donate new pillow cases in solid or cute patterns or make a donation.  Our deadline is June 1.  To contribute financially choose Guatemala Orphan Projects and put sewing in the comment box. 

Caroline's Promise Interns Headed to Guyana

Our first interns are headed to Guyana today!  They departed Greensboro, NC early this morning and will arrive in Georgetown, Guyana late, late, tonight.  Amber Gravley and Sydney Fletcher are both college students who have been on short term trips with Caroline's Promise in the past.  We are thrilled that they are choosing to spend part of their summer vacation serving the children of Plastic City. They are accompanied by CP Board Member, Stephanie DiMora who directs our Guyana Program and is passionate about the work there.  These three ladies will join our missionary Angie Hemric and assist her as she partners with the Vreed N Hoop Church. Please keep them in your prayers this summer!

Not Home Yet - Thoughts From Angie

Our missionary to Guyana, Angie Hemric will head back tomorrow after 10 weeks at home. We've attached part of her thoughts on what God has shown her. As she continues to serve and represent us to the people of Guyana, will you join with us in praying for her?  From Angie: Not Home Yet… Posted on May 15, 2012 Ten weeks have come and gone and you know what, leaving is hard!!  People have been asking if I am ready and I don’t know how to answer that except to say that I am prepared.  My mind is set and my emotions are topsy-turvy, but they will catch up soon.  And, really if it takes them a while then that will be okay too because it is not supposed to be easy to transition, right? Right!  So…I am prepared. I anticipate amazing days and months ahead as I return and the partnership with the local church and the people of Plastic City is strengthened and enlarged.  It really is going to be two more great years together, but honestly, I am still ho