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Finally! An update!

Hi everyone! We´ve had a little trouble connecting to the interent but things are going really well! After a little delay in Miami because of a plane not arriving, we made it to Guatemala City safely and with little drama. The ride to Eagle´s Nest Children´s Home was a little bumpy. There is major road construction most of the way. I was told that the construction was started, the roads were torn up, and then they ran out of money. Or the new President decided it wasn´t top priority. Regardless of the reason, it makes for a bumpy ride! We´re thankful for God´s protection as we travelled. We started right off Saturday morning with a soccer clinic-outreach in the city of Solola. We actually worked with kids from 3 Christian schools. What a site! Only the girls on our team knew anything about soccer. Tell me again why we brought these guy athletes with us?! They all did a great job and enjoyed the time with the kids. Jill welcomed the children to the clinic and our drama tea

Leaving for Guatemala in less than 8 hours!

Everyone is in a mad dash to get their carryons packed and catch some sleep before we depart at 3am! You read that right, 3 am! It's going to be a long travel day. We'll depart Colfax at 3am, drive to Raleigh, fly to Miami at 6:50am and arrive in Guatemala at 1 in the afternoon. After we collect ALL of our luggage (because you guys have prayed that it all arrives:) we'll load a bus and drive 3-4 hours to Eagle's Nest Children's Home. We appreciate your prayers as the first of 50 people go to Guatemala. Our second week begins July 5th. Specific requests for this first BIG team are unity, good health, safety, and that God blesses our time with kids in churches, schools, the community and at Eagle's Nest. Check out their blog at We hope to update you daily but we're not quite sure how the internet access will be. Thanks for your prayers:)