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Facebook Birthday Fundraisers

Did you know that you can support Caroline's Promise on your birthday? Sydney created a video explaining how you can support Caroline's Promise on your birthday.  We want to thank Sydney for taking the time to make this wonderful video! You can set up your Facebook Birthday Fundraiser  here . You will be directed to a website where you fill out what non-profit you want to create a fundraiser for.  After that, you will select your fundraising goal and when the fundraiser is going to end.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact  Lisa !

February and March Prayer Needs

Please Pray With Us   We are praying  Isaiah 61  over ourselves and  our friends in Guatemala.  Take a few minutes and read through this Chapter. Feel free to print this list and pray with us throughout the months of February and March Grief and Trauma Team (February 23-26)   - Pray for the health, safety, and wisdom of this team as they minister to the family of Erik and Samuel and our partners in Guatemala. We are asking God to continue the healing that He has started, and to give this team a supernatural amount of strength and courage as they grieve with our friends in Guatemala. Teacher Salary Needs - We have committed to send additional financial and support in 2018 to help Casita Adonai pay their teachers what they deserve. We are currently short $1,000 a month with this need. Pray with us for monthly donors and groups who will host fundraisers and fair trade parties. 2018 Mission Teams - Pray for our leaders and teams as they raise support and prepare for su

Baptism Celebration!

We are so proud of our youth and young adults at our partner church, Iglesia Adonai! We have several baptism to celebrate from this past week. We have loved watching them grow in their relationship with Jesus, and we are excited to watch them continue to grow.  God is using them in many ways to reach their community and church. Carlos and Delmi thank you for your prayers and support!  Photo credits: Yessika Avila Photography