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Thursday Thoughts From The Team

Today the team went shopping with a staff member from RCHH . It was a joy to learn how to shop in Guyanese fashion and buy school shoes for the children. We wrapped that up in the morning and then headed to the other side of the river to spend an afternoon in Prosperity City. As we came back later that day, I asked the team to share a few thoughts with me about their experiences today. ~Angie Buying Shoes Today... In America, when we go shoe shopping we look at a variety of there is little variety. In the states we would have shopped for a couple pairs of shoes of different colors and, it was one shoe with one color: black for school. Another dynamic that I was aware of as we shopped, was the fact that these children are getting SHOES. After being around the children of Prosperity City who go barefoot or wear slippers (flip-flops)- even to school, it changes you! ~Gary We took a big job and made it small. Where one person would have to shop for 20 childr

Guyana - Wednesday

Today we wanted you to get a taste of Guyana from some of the team member's perspectives. Becca and Joy were gracious enough to write their thoughts about Wednesday's activities. "It has been another busy but satisfying day in Guyana! This morning we worked on our bags again, finishing a few more for Prosperity City and one for each child at the children's home. The bags for the children's home were labeled with the children's names and reminders that they have been adopted by God as His children. We are looking forward to passing out these last bags in a few days and seeing the excited expressions on the children's faces. After the bags were filled, we finished organizing all the leftover supplies that will be used for future projects. One of the most rewarding times we have had on this trip came when prayed this morning over the surveys we took in Prosperity City. We sat in a circle, each with a pile of surveys in our hands and took turns praying out lou

Tuesday In Guyana

Tuesday morning was a great recovery day with time spent packing around 250 bags for the residents of Prosperity City. God knows how to put together teams, for this team of detail-oriented people are perfect for this week of work! All of the survey data had been entered by a person who "excels" in Excel. Beyond that, a system was created using house numbers so all the bags correspond with the tickets given out during our survey. Each house received a bag based on the number of children in the home. There is not one "general factory" bag in the mix at all. Each child has a school notebook, pencil, eraser, ruler and toothbrush; the adults have a toothbrush, toothpaste for each house and a few other little things to make the bag complete. The order that went into the project allowed for an easy flow when we reached Prosperity City and distributed the bags. "Grateful"...."Patient"..."Real"....these were the people who filled the ou

Special Treat For The Children

Monday In Guyana

Monday we left Georgetown for a bit. It was nice to get out of the city and see a different side of Guyana. After driving a while we reached a boat dock and took about an hour ride on the Demerara River (that led into Kamuni Creek) aboard a small wooden boat with a small outboard engine. Our destination was the Santa Mission, a community of about 300 Amerindians. We walked the sand, past a four hundred year old tree and had a glimpse of rural life. The residents there make baskets and jewelry out of natural products and many internationals visit them to purchase these well made items. After a short tour and shopping we were back in the boat and headed back to the city. The rest of the afternoon was spent at a local hotel where we hosted a pool party for the children of The Ruimveldt Children's Home and Care Centre. Concord Baptist Church of Statesville , NC used our Caroline's Promise banks for Orphan Sunday, last November. They were able to collect several hundred dollars

Sunday In Guyana - By Lisa

On Sunday we had church on the beach! Now, don't get excited. Although Guyana is on the Atlantic Ocean and you can feel the breeze most days, it's not exactly a tropical view. The Demerara River dumps into the ocean in Georgetown, which actually sits below sea level. The city is surrounded by a sea wall that people walk and run on. In most places, there is no beach on the other side of the wall. But Angie took us to a stretch of beach where we could walk and spend some time with the Lord. Our team devotions focused on the story of Elijah in 1 Kings 17. Elijah's presence in the widow's life changed both of them. In our time on the beach, God began to give us ideas for Prosperity City. I won't share them all here, but it's exciting to see how He is showing us HIS dreams for His people! After our time on the beach we drove about an hour to a town called Parika that sits on the Essequibo River. Our destination was Youth With A Mission where the Director, Kim, shar

Images of Guyana

Sidewalk filled with Trash Jetty Side Laundry Day Children at the Trench and Men Playing Cricket Goats and Mangos Bouncy Trench Bridge and West Side House Collecting Rain Water Faces of Guyana