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Send a Kid to Camp!

This summer we are excited to focus our summer ministry on the Youth Leadership Team and all that they do in Guatemala.  These young adults are amazing!  They have a full year of ministry planned for the youth of our partner church, Adonai.  In addition they help with our weekly services in the community of Gerona. When we asked them how they would like us to help this summer their first response was "Can you please have a camp for the middle schoolers?" Our response - "OF COURSE!!!!" The theme of the camp is "Removing the mask" and will focus on the masks that we wear with God, our friends, our family, and our church. Our goals are: *  That these kids will know how much Jesus loves them and choose to live for him! *  Healing for emotional and spiritual wounds  *  Healing of relationships with parents.  The parents will be invited for a special service *  Connected with the youth leadership team of Adonai so that these 100 kids