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Guat's-Up from Wendover Hills

The first team of the summer arrived in Guatemala on Friday and got to work with our team right away. We woke up Saturday morning and headed to the school to begin painting and to do some demolition on the new school building. We quickly began to build relationships with each other and with the people at Casita Adonai. We got to go to Iglesia Adonai on Sunday and some of us worked with the kids in Sunday School and others sat in the service to hear Pastor Carlos speak.  These are a few of the guys that have been helping us tremendously with translating and work around the school and we are so thankful! This week has been full of laughs and learning. At the end of the trip we sat down to spend some time with God. During this time we asked what He has been teaching us or showing up throughout the week. Below are the sentences of our team members and what God has taught us:  – In Guatemala God showed me that we are all family through God. – In Guatemala God showed me tha