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Adopting for Life Audio and Video Online

Christian Alliance For Orphans has posted a new item, ' Adopting for Life Audio and Video Online'. Russell Moore and the first-rate team at Southern have released the audio and video from their Adopting for Life Conference. You can hear or see a keynote address from Alliance President Jedd Medefind , as well as tremendous content from a host of other presenters. You may view the latest post at:

Waiting Children

Focus On the Family has an interesting website here ; to quote them, "The chart below shows the official number in your state's foster care system waiting for adoptive families." (The actual number of foster care children is higher when you include those waiting finalization of adoption,etc.) It also shows the number of churches in the state. In every case but one (state of Nevada) the number of churches far outweighs the number of children waiting for a forever family. What are we, as a church doing to help them? The total numbers for our nation are as follows: Number of foster children waiting for a forever family: 127,489 Number of churches : 348,067 What are we doing to make a difference? How are we going to help?

The Power of One, Making A Difference in Volunteering

Boni Russell has been a friend of Caroline's Promise since the beginning! She designed our dandelion logo and our great t-shirts...most of our print materials have her "signature"! Whenever we had a graphic design need, Boni was not only able, but willing, to give us a hand. Boni recently contacted us to share how God had been talking to her about volunteering for Caroline's Promise on a more regular basis. We are so blessed to have her share her talents with us! If you are looking for a graphic designer, give Boni a call. You can see some of her work at

World Cup News

An unstated goal with Caroline's Promise is to not sensationalize the horror and shock of the plight of orphans, widows and those with little to no hope. The balance of that is continuing our desire to educate you with the reality of what millions endure each day. To preserve that balance we are giving you a link, regarding some disturbing news attached to the World Cup, hosted this year in South Africa. Here is the link. We hope you will take a moment to educate yourself about the unseen reality that is all around us.

A Local Way To Help Around The World

Amber Gravely is a senior at NW Guilford High School and did her senior project on orphans . This summer she will be travelling with Caroline's Promise to Guatemala and has hosted several events to collect shoes to take to Guatemala and Guyana. But collecting shoes was not enough . Recently, Amber came up with the idea to host a " sockhop " for local elementary schools. Her first sockhop was for Morehead Elementary School , hosted at Westover Church in Greensboro. Over 400 attended and the event brought in over 1,000 pairs of donated socks ! Her next sockhop is scheduled for May 7 at Colfax Elementary School. If you are interested in hosting a sockhop at your school please contact Caroline's Promise and we'll connect you with Amber! Thanks Amber for showing us all how one individual can make a difference .

Jody? Who is Jody?

Have you noticed that sometimes at the end of a blog post it says " Posted by Caroline's Promise " and sometimes it says " Posted by Jody "? Have you wondered who that is? Well, hi, I'm Jody . I am one of the volunteers that serves Caroline's Promise. After a couple years of doing administrative work for CP , I approached Lisa about assisting her with the blog . If you know Lisa at all, she wears multiple hats as the director of CP , along with the regular hats she wears as a wife and a mom...the blog was one more thing she was working into her already busy schedule . So I asked if I could help and she said yes! What happens most often in my " bloggy " volunteer role, is Lisa will send me links or pre -written articles and I either write a post or, if one is already written, I polish them up and then send back to her for approval . Once she has approved them, I publish them . This allows her to still play a critical role in

God, The Defender of Orphans

We have a responsibility as followers of Christ to educate ourselves on issues that impact orphans in our backyard and around the world . This article, written by Phillip Holmes , writer and Country Director of Esther Benjamin Trust - Nepal, offers an important view of Unicef , their goals and the impact on orphans worldwide. I encourage you to read and then pray that God will be who He says He is, "the defender of orphans ". "Inter-country adoption is once again receiving bad press. First, we had the arrest of a group of Americans in Haiti who were allegedly trying to remove children from the country without the permission of the authorities.Then at the end of February, UNICEF in Nepal has endorsed the findings of the Permanent Bureau of the Hague Conference that inter-country adoptions from Nepal should once again be suspended. This they state is in response to the Government of Nepal's failure to fulfill commitments that it gave to reform adoption pra

Orphan Care Night at The Winston Salem Dash

Caroline's Promise will have a special section on the opening weekend of The Winston-Salem Dash Baseball game ! It is held Saturday, April 17 at 7:00pm . Your ticket of $15 includes the game , a special Caroline's Promise T-Shirt and a Dash baseball cap . Tickets can be purchased now on our shopping cart! After clicking here , look under "events".

You Can Help Give Bibles to People In Guyana

Do you want to know how? Life Way Christian Stores in Winston-Salem, NC has a special promotion where you can buy a personal-sized Bible for only $5 ! They are encouraging customers to purchase the Bibles for Caroline's Promise! We'll use them when our team goes to Guyana in April. We'll be working in a community called " Plastic City " where we estimate there are 250 homes - mostly led by widows. The Bibles will be used by our partner church as they minister with these families. Our goal is 250 Bibles - one for each home! So stop by Life Way in Winston-Salem - in the Target Shopping Center on Hanes Mall Boulevard and purchase a Bible for Plastic City. Thanks Life Way for helping us Reclaim Hope for Orphans! To learn more about our work in Plastic City - watch this video !

Summit VI Christian Alliance For Orphans

The Christian Alliance For Orphans , which Caroline's Promise is a part of, is hosting Summit VI in Minneapolis, MN . David and Lisa Holbrook will be going on behalf of Caroline's Promise. If you are interested in attending or just curious about what the Summit has to offer, here are a couple links to check out! There is an event page on Facebook. There is an invitation video from John Piper. And here is the Christian Alliance for Orphans' website.

Dr. Karyn Purvis and Empowered to Connect

"Dr. Karyn Purvis is one of the nation's foremost experts in helping adoptive parents to connect fully with their children. Dr. Purvis will be leading several highly sought after workshops with topics that range from addressing the trauma orphans have faced to helping adopted children connect and share fully with their new families"... To read more of this blog post or to register for the conference set for March 12 and 13, at Calvary Baptist Church in Advance, NC click here !