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October 2014 Trip to Guatemala

We are excited about our October Team to Guatemala!  There will be three options for this trip. Family Team - Parent(s) and kids ages 10 and up.  Teens under 18 who have been before are welcome on this team.  Any adults 18 and over who are not part of a "family" that is going are welcome as well.   October 22 - 27   Cost:  $750 plus airfare (Thursday – help prepare for Graduation; afternoon in Antigua,   Friday – Graduation, Saturday – Community Children’s Festival, Sunday – Church & Gerona Project,  Monday – Depart).   Construction Team - Ages 18 and up.  October 20 - 27   Cost:  $850 plus airfare Both teams will participate with graduation at Casita Adonai, visit our partner church, Iglesia Adonai, and their outreach program in the community of Gerona.  There will be lots of hands on involvement with the kids and if you sponsor a child through Caroline's Promise you will be able to visit with them and their family.  A trip to the city of Antigua is

Camp Team Final Update

Now that we have all arrived home safely, our team would like to share our experiences of the past week. We have been reshaped by Christ, and we are excited to share these phrases with you. After asking each team member what God taught this them week, this is what they shared: "During my trip to Guatemala, God taught me..." Kaitlyn – “...that He is the Almighty God, and His plans can never be destroyed.” Brenda – “...that God is with us, God is always with us, and He is mighty to save. “ Mark – “...In order to serve others in the name of the Lord, you have to put aside all your needs to truly serve them.” Drayton – “...that I can fully rely on God.   Little things like food and sickness do not matter.” Aimee – “...that these kids don’t own much but these kids have love, which means they have everything." Jim – “ see God’s kingdom come through all the different groups and gifts of the people. “ Jen – “...You don’t need to speak t

Camp Team End of the Week Update

We send our greetings to everyone back at home! We hope you are all doing well, and we appreciate your continued prayers. Yesterday, we made the trip to Lake Atitlan with the sixth graders from Casita Adonai. Upon arriving at the lake, they were excited to see the pool and all the activities they could do. We had a ton of fun playing volleyball in the pool, soccer, and jumping on the trampoline. The kids loved Panajachel and enjoyed their time today while shopping in the market. We were privileged to share a devotional time with our students last night. We were able to speak with them about making good decisions and taking next steps in their life. We are very excited to share that many students were touched by our words and decided to start putting Christ first in their daily decisions. Tomorrow, we will be finishing our time this week by completing construction projects and praying over the current building. We are asking God to bless this church

Can I really make a difference?

This was my first mission trip to Guatemala. I visited Guatemala about 8 years ago during the adoption of our daughter, Katie. This was also her first trip back to Guatemala.   I felt God was calling me to go on this trip, and God worked out the time I needed off work and provided financially for our whole family of four to go. Leading up to the weeks and days before the trip, I began to question why I should go, because I felt I would not make a difference. I thought, anyone can do what I am going to do. If I am not there, someone else will be right there to do the exact same thing.  Plus, there seemed to be several unexpected things that came up, and I wondered if I should be home to take care of them. That was my way out, and they seemed like good reasons (excuses) to stay home. So I was going into the trip with that mindset, and I was ready to go home in the first day or two. I had already decided that I would not come back again. I figured what I was doin