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Join the Orphans Deserve Better Campaign

Orphans Deserve Better is a grassroots campaign developed by The Christian Alliance for Orphans, of which Caroline's Promise is a member.  The purpose is to counter the new Warner Brothers movie "Orphan."  However far-fetched some stories are, they can still subtly shape the way we see the world.  So when a major motion picture leaves the impression that orphans are damaged goods and that adoption can destroy your family, those who know the deeper truth must speak up. People deserve to know better.  They should hear about the great needs orphans face...the joy found in loving them....and practical steps each of us can take to do so. "Defend the cause of the fatherless", urges the prophet Isaiah.  We invite you to join in doing just that.  At   you can: Build a "counter narrative" to the movie by sharing your personal story of how loving an orphan brings joy. Send a message to Warner Brothers urging them

Urgent Prayer Request for our Ugandan Friends

Patrick and Sarah Serunjogi, our Ugandan crusaders for the Lord and facilitator for mission trips to Uganda, have a daughter Melanie, who is three months old. Melanie is in heart failure due to a somewhat rare congenital heart defect, Trucus Arterious (type 1) with a dilated heart. It is a miracle she remains alive! A doctor in New York City has agreed to perform the necesary surgery as well as pay for the surgery. We're praying she is able to be stabilized (as she developed pneumonia while in ICU) and transported via domestic flights with the aid of her mother and a nurse in the next week to have the surgery. Will you join us in prayer for a miracle?

Hanging out at Pana Rock & Solomon's Porch

Compassion Project

Taking the Mamas Shopping

Work Days

The girls' first trip to the circus

Team 2 Pictures - sorting and delivering school supplies

Time flies

Boy, time flies when you're having fun! Obviously I need a team member to keep the blog up. On Monday the ladies helped at the Children's Home while the men worked on the new church. This building will also be a school and a clinic. The guys have been digging a trench for septic lines and a huge hole for the septic system. I'm pretty sure we won't get finished with the huge hole:) On Monday afternoon we went to the Compassion Project in Solola. This is one of our favorite ministries to visit. Several people at home embroidered fleece blankets for the kids. All 150 kids received a blanket, school supplies and a Kindermusik flute. The kids presented a program for us and then our team shared how they are God's treasure. The little blue boxes were a hit. The suspense built as Tara explained that God's greatest treasure was inside the box. All at once they opened the box to find a mirror inside - THEY are God's greatest treasure! On Tuesday the guys

Photos from Team 1