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One of our favorite parts of working with teams is our final debrief where we hear what God has been doing in their lives. We have a process that we walk them through and at the end God gives them one sentence that sums up what he was teaching them. Here's what God did in the lives of our welding and children's ministry team. In Guatemala God taught me that:  No matter how far you venture outside your comfort zone, God is always there to help you push further outside of it.  He has walked beside me through every fear, anxiety, and insecurity.  I am stronger than I allow myself to think.  Even if you are scared to talk in Spanish, go ahead and do it. They just want to know you care and are trying.  No matter what country you’re from or what language you speak, we are all united under God.  God led me to step out of my fear and into freedom, even in the imperfection.  I learned that despite the difficult things going on, that God’s not done yet.  That bei