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“Who told you that?”

This is my second mission trip to Guatemala. Last year was an eye-opening and humbling experience for me. Last year I was very nervous about coming and had an overall negative attitude. This year I felt I was being called to come and went in with a more positive attitude. I chose this week to come, because this year I was coming without my mom and brother and I knew both of the leaders, Ruth and Jacey. It turned out the week I chose to come, we were going to be doing a girls retreat.  We arrived Friday around lunchtime and headed from the airport to Delmi’s so we could get settled in and get lunch and rest before we headed to Shama, a camp in Gerona. We prepared for the girls arrival, some of us helped with decorations and some of us decided to get to sleep early.  Waking up Saturday morning, I was anxious for the girls to get there. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to make an impact on the girls or that the language barrier would keep me from helping out.  Then,

Mommy and Me in Gerona

As many of you know, after talking with the parents in the community of Gerona, we learned that kids were beginning public school and were already so far behind. This sparked the idea of a Preschool in the community of Gerona! Donors have helped us to start this preschool, and there are currently 20 kids in the program. The kids are already learning so much!  Another request from teachers was to help parents learn how to be a part of their child's education. So, another idea was formed: a Mommy and Me training. The Calvary team helped set up Mommy and Me and led it this past week. We were so excited to see that not only did moms show up, but dads did too! See the video below. We are so thankful for Calvary's ministry this past week, and we are so thankful for the child sponsors who are making the Gerona Preschool possible! We still have several kids in need of sponsors. Click here to see a list of these children.

A Glimpse into a Year of Child Sponsorship

In June 2017, my husband and I joined a group from our church on a short-term mission trip to Guatemala. During the 8 days we were there, we were blessed to meet two little girls who needed our love and financial sponsorship to assist with the cost of their education as well as making life better for their families. Since the day we met them, my husband and I have been emotionally and financially invested in the lives of these two children. It is so easy to remain in our comfortable lives and pretend that the needs of children and families in other countries are someone else's responsibility, but w e have made these girls a part of our family. We pray for them daily, we have their photos prominently displayed in our home, and we have sent and received letters and pictures from them. Their lives, their families, and their futures are always in our hearts and minds. A few days ago, we were blessed to return to Guatemala and to see and spend time with our sponsor children again. I

Follow us on Social Media this summer!

Be on the lookout for our Social Media Story Takeovers this summer! Mission team members will be sharing their experiences through our Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat stories. You won't want to miss it! Also - be sure to follow our blog as mission team members write about their time on the ground in Guatemala this summer. Invite your friends and family to follow us at the platforms below: ●          Blog: ●          Facebook: Caroline’s Promise ●          Instagram: carolinespromise ●          Twitter: @carolinesprom ●          Snapchat: carolinespromis

Sponsor a Girl for our Teen Girls Retreat

One of our main ministries this summer will be a retreat for teen girls.  The cost for each girl to attend is $50 and our goal is to invite 40 girls.   We currently have only 11 girls sponsored.   Will you partner with us?  Any donation is greatly appreciated and will allow us to offer a safe, fun environment for girls to worship and experience healing.  We need all donations in by June 18 so that we can determine if we are actually able to have the retreat. You can make a donation by going to this link . Thank you for your support!