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Your Year End Gift: Daniel's Story

On this last day of 2018 we want to share a powerful story of how your partnership has enabled us to live out one of the core values of Caroline's Promise.  Today's value is: "We value planting empowered and equipped leaders in the local community in order to become oaks of righteousness"   Isaiah 61:3 " They will be called oaks of righteousness,      a planting of the Lord (One of our favorite photos of Daniel - at a recent youth camp)      for the display of his splendor." Daniel is a beautiful example of the power of child sponsorship.  A family sponsored through Caroline's Promise Caroline's Promise partnered with the local church in Guatemala Daniel received financial, emotional, and spiritual support He grew and developed roots that are strong and deep He's now investing in and ministering to kids who were like him He shared his story with us: (Daniel with Kendall - age 6) "My name is Daniel and I am 20

Your End of Year Gift - Hope through Water Filters

As 2018 comes to a close we want to share stories of how your partnership has helped us live out the core values   of Caroline's Promise We value Isaiah 61, which means we work to: 1. Proclaim good news to the poor and comfort the brokenhearted 2. Proclaim freedom for the captives and bring prisoners out of darkness Our next story comes from Grace Andino who shares a powerful experience she had this past summer.  "Over the past few years, we have been partnering with a community in Guatemala called Gerona. At first, many people felt closed off, not feeling like they had space in their hearts for new friends. But after a few years, it has become the highlight of each week to visit this community. For years, we were ministering to only children. Parents were never seen, especially fathers. However, little by little, some mothers began coming to church and now there is a very strong presence of women in the community attending church weekly. When ministering

Your End of Year Gift - Hope Through Sewing Machines

Over the next few days we will share stories of how your partnership in 2018 has helped us live out the core values of Caroline's Promise.  Today's value is: "We value sustainable programs rather than handouts" Isaiah 61:3 "to bestow on them a crown of beauty      instead of ashes, the oil of joy      instead of mourning, and a garment of praise " A few years ago, after implementing two entrepreneurial business trainings in Guatemala, we learned that the major obstacle to expanding any small business within and around the city is extortion by gangs. If you pay, you’re in danger. If you don’t pay, you’re in danger. (Read Maria's story of extortion) Therefore, most of the women don’t even try to open a store front . It doesn’t stop them from dreaming though. When we learned of their dreams (and the necessity of the income it could provide) and their obstacles to actually making a small business profitable, we began to dream too. We asked God wha

Check out our NEW LOGO & WEBSITE!

In the Spring of 2018 our Board of Directors spent two days with our friend, Pam Morrison as she led us through Strategic Planning and Vision Casting.  We knew that we needed to change our logo and as we shared our hearts about what Caroline's Promise does and why it exists, it became clear that our foundation is the entire chapter of Isaiah 61. Things started clicking and it became obvious that a tree would be part of our new logo and our Vision Statement became,   "Where Hope Grows and Communities Thrive" We were able to develop our Mission, Vision, and Values .  We walked away, excited about all that God has for the next season of ministry!  For several years we have been blessed to receive pro bono marketing materials from SFW through their 24 hour Createathon.  This December they created our new logo and brochure and we love them!  Over the past few weeks our friend, Boni Russell ( BoniDesign) has worked overtime to design our new website! We ar

"Preach the Gospel to all those who need it"

We continue our series on Isaiah 61 and how it relates to the ministry of Caroline's Promise.   In our last post we shared our new Vision and Mission Statements: Vision Statement:    "A world where hope grows and communities thrive" Mission Statement:  " Growing relationships that nourish individuals and communities to be whole  and thrive in Jesus Christ"  Claudia's Mom at the 2015 Women's Retreat I met Claudia's Mom in 2015 as our team was hosting a women's retreat in the community of Gerona.  In a powerful move of God, a serious infection in her leg was healed right before our eyes.  We met Claudia the next day and  that Fall we were able to find sponsors for her and her sister, Fatima.  As the years passed we continued to watch them grow in their relationship with Jesus.   Claudia's first child sponsorship card At a medical clinic in 2017 I was updating information on all of our kids and asking t