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What we have learned...

It has been a great week here in Guatemala City. Last night, our team had our last debriefing session in which we shared what God has done in our lives. Here are all the responses our team gave: God taught me… “that He gave me my values and gifts for a reason, and I am to use them for His glory.” “I can be a kid and an adult at the same time.” “how much I like to build, work with people, and that I enjoy teaching/connecting people with themselves, others, and with God.” “that when we allow Him to break down walls and invade our hearts, He will free us and reveal himself in mighty ways.” “that I have been selfish in my lifestyle.” “that His plans for me are greater than the plans I have for myself.” “not everyone is going to leave; let God use me.” “my past doesn’t dictate my future; I don’t have to listen to the lies Satan tells me.” “to take the time to stop what I’m doing and enjoy what He is doing for me.” “that I need to spend more time listening to th

A Couple Highlights from this Week...

Swimming against the flow!   “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” This was the main theme of our camp this week which taught the children that it is okay to be different, and that they don’t need to change for anyone.   I felt that the work that God allowed us to do not only affected the childrens’ lives, but ours as well. Just to make a kid smile or to just play a game with them made a big difference.   Even though we were only at the   camp for three days we were able to bond and form amazing relationships with the kids.  We also have had many opportunities to paint and do different work projects at the school! We were able to help out at a place called Kairos,which is a place for people who have cancer. It   allows families that can not afford   a place to stay while their kids are receiving treatment at the hospital. Many families travel a l

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One team member's experience...

"Even though we only spent three days at the camp, I feel like I really connected with the kids. The work God did really changed their lives in a way that I never thought it would. On the last night we spent with everyone, we split up the girls and boys so we could have a session with them. Rachel and Grace both shared their testimony, with Victoria translating. God used them to reach out to the girls and give them encouragement. More than half of the girls either did not live with, have a close relationship, or know who their dads were. The “plan” was that Chelsea would begin with a bit about self esteem and inner beauty, but God had a different plan. When Rachel shared her story, I could see that the girls had experienced a lot of the same things, and after Grace spoke the tears started coming. Lisa played the song “La Nina De Tus Ojos,” and I could hear the girls crying and singing along. The team took this time to pray over the girls and show them that we truly do care fo

Home Sweet Home!

After two and a half days at camp, our team has returned to our Guatemalan home with our gracious hosts. We are excited to be home and rest, but we are also missing all of our precious campers. God truly showed up in amazing ways, just as we expected, and we give Him all the praise. We received as many or more blessings than we gave, and we are witnesses of a renewed hope for the children at Casita Adonai. Monday, we arrived at camp and had our first service. We partnered with the Guatemalan team from Iglesia Adonai. We were amazed at the talents and abilities God has blessed this team with, and we were extremely privileged to join with them in ministry. We proceeded to have our dance, sports, swimming, and human video/drama classes. The campers loved these classes, and we really enjoyed sharing our talents with them. Tuesday, our team found that we had started to form strong relationships with our groups, and everyone jumped in to make the day beautiful. Our service was sp

“We all live in a yellow submarine – oh I mean taxi!”

One of the hardest things for me to adjust to has been giving up the driver’s seat.   Driving is my thinking time.   Driving is where I feel free and independent.   So coming to Guyana I definitely felt trapped… the jaguar in the cage I saw at the zoo today.   Taxi’s are dependent living in Guyana.   Most people depend on Taxi’s to take them places and pick up whichever one is closest to them.   However, as missionaries, we have to be more cautious.   Street cars mean questions, marriage proposals and mood music.   So we call a taxi service that we trust and wait 20 minutes every time we want to go somewhere.   I could have already been there in my truck!!   So, once again we hurry up to get ready….only to wait.   And let’s hope we have not forgot anything that we need for the day because that is more money to bring you back to get it. I cannot wait to get home to my truck and go anywhere I please and take as long as I want in a grocery store or in the bank.   There is n