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Guatemala Family Team Saturday

 Dan helping a child during the clinic. Today as we began our journey for the week, we started working hard immediately. One of our team members, Dan who is a dentist, started helping some of the kids at Casita. His ministry is a blessing to not only the children, but also everyone to who is involved. While half of the team was helping the children, the other half were busy entertaining the children waiting for assistance. Caroline was there to comfort Keila before seeing the dentist. Lisa had an opportunity for Matthew to share at the firehouse. Despite the language barrier,there was still a brother hood among the firefighters.  Matthew, Bryson, John, and Thomas taking a tour of the station. 

Wilson Visits Lake Atitlan

Cultural appreciation is an important element of every Caroline's Promise mission trip. We want our team members to not only grow to love the people we are serving, but also the country where they live. Our team from Wilson Community Church were given a taste of Guatemala's beauty on a day trip to Panajachel located on the shores of stunning Lake Atitlan. The 3-hour trip from Guatemala City to Panajachel is an adventure in itself. On the winding mountain roads travelers see farmers working land terraced along mountainsides, rural villages and amazing views of mountains and valleys. Lake Atitlan is one of the worlds deepest and most beautiful lakes. It is surrounded by several volcanoes. There are thousands of indigenous Mayan people living among the 12 villages around the lake. A trip to the area provides the rare opportunity to meet and interact with people from an age old culture. The villagers still wear traditional Mayan dress and speak in ancient languag

Sunday afternoon at Herona

Several years ago the owners of a retreat center about 30 minutes from Iglesia Adonai asked them if they would do a children's church for the kids living around the retreat center.  Each Sunday afternoon youth and young adults from the church travel to this area, called Herona and share Jesus and lots of love with these kids.  In the dry season up to 200 children will attend and the Pastor has started conducting classes for the adults living in the area.  There is a lot of poverty and need, and no church in the area to minister.  We're thankful to be able to join these leaders of Iglesia Adonai as they minister to the least of these.  The following post was written by Abby, a member of our team from Wilson Community Church. Youth from Iglesia Adonai leading worship at Herona Today was a day that I cant even put words to describe the impact it had on me. We arrived at this beautiful resort complete with orange, lime and banana trees. Tropical flowers we

God of this city

This post was written by Caroline's Promise Board Member, Tami Rumfelt who is in Guatemala this week with our team from Wilson Community Church, Wilson, NC. You can follow her here “Greater things have yet to come, greater things are still to be done in this city” I've sung those words and listened to that song on the radio countless times.  It’s a powerful song, no doubt.   But today, this is a brand new song to me.   Today, I watched as a group of kids from Guatemala city learned to sing this song in English.  They’ll perform it for their schoolmates later this week. These kids from a part of the world where 1 in 4 of them are malnourished.   Where Mamas sell their babies because they cannot afford to feed them, or the rest of their family for that matter.  Where sex trafficking is big business.  Where gangs terrorize communities.  Where, in many households, fathers are either absent, or such a negative force, it would be better if they were. S

Dreams coming true in Guatemala City

Delmi & Carlos Rivas, Pastors of Iglesia Adonai When you talk to Delmi Rivas you’re pretty much guaranteed to hear the word “sueños” many times.  Sueños is the spanish word for dream and Delmi has many of them.  Dreams for the children at Casita Adonai.  Dreams for the people of her church, Iglesia Adonai.  Dreams for the spiritually and physically starving people in her community.  Thankfully, Delmi’s dreams are provided to her and enabled by the God of our Universe.  So, it should not be surprising when her dreams come true. One of her dreams has been to have a women’s outreach event for the ladies in the community around the church. Our team from Wilson Community Church was honored to be able to help this dream become a reality.  Around 200 women were treated to a delicious, homemade breakfast of tamales (which is typical for a special event, even at breakfast), coffee and cookies.  Teens from the church and students from Casita Adonai served the ladies.  The

Our First Summer Team Leaves Today!

Today the first of three teams departed Raleigh, NC for Guatemala City.  Caroline's Promise has partnered with Wilson Community Church for the past two years and we are excited to see them leading their own team (with a little help from CP Board Member, Tami Rumfelt)!  What a fantastic way for this smaller church to get their feet wet with short term missions!  We were able to train them and build trips around their specific gifts and desires.  All of our teams focus on the dreams and needs of our partner church in Guatemala, Iglesia Adonai.  It is this model of partnership that we have found to be the most effective.  The Wilson Team will hit the ground running with a Women's Outreach Breakfast.  This has been a dream of Pastor Delmi Rivas for years.  The women of the church are decorating the building and each has been challenged to invite five ladies from their community who are not Christians.  There will be special music, an amazing breakfast, and a special message fro