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Family Team in Photos

A full day of ministry for the Family Team - Sunday

Our team attended Iglesia Adonai in the morning where we assisted in the children's ministry and worshiped with our new friends.  Leslie ministered through song in perfect Spanish and Kristi and Cameron Baker shared their testimonies. After lunch we endured a long drive (due to traffic) to the community of Gerona where our partner church, Iglesia Adonai is planting a church.  100 kids showed up for the lesson and music, led by youth from the church.  Afterward our team brought out the balls and toys and spent time loving on these kids.  It's exciting to see this ministry grow.  Several of the kids wanted to recite the Bible verses they had memorized.  We had originally thought that their "ticket" to camp would be scripture memorization but evidently the church has decided to let anyone who wants to, come next week.  This blessed us so much that camp will be a "gift" instead of something they have to earn. Thank you to everyone who has supported

2014 Family Team Jumps In!

After a full day of travel and a decent night's sleep our family team spent their first day doing both ministry and construction.  Ruth Edwards led the teamin presenting a substance abuse prevention program to the older students at Casita and Iglesia Adonai and the kids who graduated last year (7th graders now).  The presentation was interactive and timely and the kids loved participating! The day before, one of the 7th graders had come to Casita to see her brother participate in a program.  Afterward, in tears, she shared with Delmi just how much she misses being a part of Casita - especially how she misses participating in the dramas.  Our family team wasn't aware of this but God was!  That same student came to the substance abuse program the next day where one of the activities was to learn about a substance and present a drama to the group.  This 7th grader was in her element as she led her group in a drama! I sat back in awe of how God had heard her heart and prompt

Wrap up from CP Team 1 and Calvary Church Team

Our first team finished up their week of ministry with an evangelistic program for the students at Casita Adonai.  Led by the Calvary Church team, they shared Jesus through games and lessons.  The result?  Approximately 30 kids asked Jesus into their hearts! The team spent their final afternoon continuing the construction projects that they started and then spent some sweet time in prayer for the construction project, church, and school. I (Lisa) loved joining this team halfway through and watching them at work.  The CP team was led by board member, Tami Rumfelt who is a pro at leading teams.  She had a smaller team this year (6 people) but what they lacked in numbers, they made up for in heart and hard work.  Small teams can be different than larger ones in that it's often easier to bond a deeper level.  This obviously happened with this team and it was a beautiful thing to see.  It reminded me of teams I have been on in the past, even before Caroline's Promise.  Those peo

What this girl did to "earn" a place at kids' camp

Our partner church in Guatemala, Iglesia Adonai realizes that the kids in their community can't afford to go to a kids' camp.  That's why we ask you to help sponsor them ($50 per kid).  It's interesting to me that the church doesn't just "hand out" trips to camp.  They use it as an opportunity to show the kids that they have worth and that if they work hard they can do anything.  This year they challenged the children to memorize scripture in order to earn a spot at camp.  Now this has often been a controversial issue with some of our supporters and I understand the concerns.  However, our model at Caroline's Promise is to allow our partners in Guatemala to make decisions like this because after all, it's their country, their kids, their culture.  As Americans we don't always have to understand it. That said, I've seen kids over the years learn insane amounts of scripture.  And I've watched the Holy Spirit help young adults from the c

Team 1 - Day 1 First day of renovation

Today, our first team got their hands dirty with some demolition work at Iglesia and Casita Adonai.  It was very rewarding to see the first steps taken toward this long-awaited renovation.     Since the construction zone is also a school zone, we needed to take measures to keep the kids away from the work.  Part of our task was to construct a temporary enclosure around the steps from the upper classrooms to the lower ones.  In the interest of resourcefulness, we used wood from some old, worn out pews to build the temporary walls. Partnership is at the heart of what we do at Caroline's Promise, and that was evident today as our team members worked side-by-side with our Guatemalan friends. Language barriers and cultural differences are of little consequence ​when serving God and his people are the focus.

Partnership Works - Women from Iglesia Adonai take their own mission trip

We love partnering with churches versus doing our own thing.  Over the past 3 years we have seen the people of Iglesia Adonai (our partner church) step up and minister in creative and effective ways.  Caroline's Promise is there to support and encourage and help if we can.  However the Guatemalan people hear God well and have always been faithful to go where He calls them.  The women of the church heard about the needs of people in Huehuetenango, in the highlands of Guatemala.  Carlos & Delmi have family who serve there and minister to the people who live and work in the coffee fields.  They took donation of yarn from friends in the US and made hats and scarves for the ladies and children that they would meet.  After months of praying and preparing they embarked on their first mission trip.  You can tell by the photos that the people they met were blessed by their visit but the ladies who went were blessed just as much! This is one of the main reasons we love partnering wit

Happy Birthday Delmi!

When I met Delmi Rivas 12 years ago I fell in love.  She was passionate about not only sharing Jesus with people, but making their lives better.  As the years passed I watched her love well.  And I benefited from that love because regardless of where I've been in my life and what I've been through, Delmi has always believed in me and loved me well.  I'm not an exception - she does that with just about everyone.  She's a dreamer, but not just any dreamer.  She dreams God's dreams for the precious people that He puts in her life.  It's a joy for those of us who know her to be a small part of making many of her dreams come true.  Once you meet Delmi you are changed, because of the love that she gives. Delmi will turn 66 on June 5.   She speaks of being old and we laugh.  Although she has slowed down a little, her passion and love have never ceased.  Delmi asked me if I would encourage her friends to do more than wish her a "happy birthday".  As us