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Where are they now? Cesy Samayoa

  Cesy, translating for Kaitlyn Our friend Cesy was too old to be in our child sponsorship program when we met her, but she definitely benefited from the program because two of her siblings were sponsored consistently.  And we benefited from knowing Cesy!  For years she would translate for our special programs.  I remember speaking to a group of moms years ago and Cesy translated for me.  She stayed for hours after the talk to help me minister to women.  One of those women had concerns about her son who clearly showed signs of ADHD.  Cesy helped me find natural ways to address his inattention and lack of focus and a year later that same Mom shared how Cesy's suggestions had helped! Cesy, we know how hard you have worked and we are incredibly proud of you!  Thank you for being a beautiful example to young women everywhere!

How Can a Pillow Case Change a Life?

One of our summer mission teams will help start a sewing ministry with the Moms at Casita Adonai in Guatemala City.  Their first project will be to make an adorable pillow case dress!  Our hope is that God will use this ministry to encourage these women, open their hearts to Him, and help them learn a skill they can use to provide for their family.  The end result will be Mamas keeping their children instead of abandoning them! If you would like to contribute to this project you can donate new pillow cases in solid or cute patterns or make a donation.  Our deadline is June 1.  To contribute financially choose Guatemala Orphan Projects and put sewing in the comment box. 

Remembering Melissa Roberts

  We were so sad to hear of the tragic passing of Melissa Roberts .  When she lived in Wilson, N.C. she joined Eastgate Community Church (formerly Wilson Community Church) on trips to Guatemala where she was a bright light and encouragement to everyone she met.  Our hearts go out to her husband, Brian and daughter, Sabrina.  We join with her friends from Wilson who are shocked and grieving the loss of such a beautiful person.   Containers used to store water  Her friends from the Wilson community were looking for a way to honor Melissa and we felt that meeting a need and helping to find a solution was exactly something that Melissa would get behind.  We recently learned that the families in Gerona are in desperate need of containers to store water.  Because they do not have access to running water, they are dependent on trucks from the government that deliver water every other day.  The problem is that many families don't have containers to store the water.  These containers are $3