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First Day of Kindergarten - Tips on Adoption and School

Well, today was the last time I'll experience the "first day of kindergarten." Of course David says he doesn't think we're "finished adding to our family." But that's another story for another day! We've always approached Caroline's adoption in a very open way. I honestly think her first words were "alo" (hybrid of hello and hola), Mommy, Daddy, and I'm adopted. We're always open to talking about her birthmom, her first months in Guatemala and how she feels about being adopted. Sometimes she brings it up - sometimes we do. Leading up to the first day of kindergarten I thought it might be good to discuss some things she might be faced with now that she's a "big girl." We were at a local water park and she and I were floating in the lazy river. This is how the conversation went: Mommy: "What are you going to say when someone asks 'Is that your Mom?'" Caroline: "I'm going to say '

Katy comes home!

Many of you remember our friends John & Stephanie who tried for 3 years to get their daughter Katherine home from Guatemala. It was a LONG process. Every morning on the way to school the kids and I pray for children who are "stuck" in the adoption process. TWO school years went by and we were still praying for Katherine. One day Cameron asked, "Mom - is God EVER going to bring Katherine home?" I'm sure John & Stephanie felt the same way at times. It was hard. But they were faithful and believed that God had made Katherine their daughter. He would bring her home in His timing. In January when adoptions began to close in Guatemala we asked for your help. The concern was that the Guatemalan government would not have a "grandfather clause" for those children who were already referred to families and in the adoption process. Many of you responded and contacted your congressmen. Katherine was one of those kids....."stuck." God honored yo