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Party With A Purpose

We have a new product! It's time to book a party! We are excited about new fair trade partners we have and their amazing products. It's time to book a party for your chance to get some great gifts for others and yourself! When you host a party you will receive $25 in FREE MERCHANDISE! Your guests will know that their purchase is providing jobs for artisans around the world. Profits from your party will help us raise our teachers' salaries in Guatemala.  Contact Ruth Edwards  here  to book your party! This beautiful cardigan was made by our friends in Guatemala who are members of Florecer. You can check out their Facebook page  here !

Big News! $12,000 Matching Grant Given for 3rd floor Soccer Court Concrete!

Last week we shared a Building of Promise Construction Update We told you that our most pressing need is $20,000 to pour the concrete that will be the ceiling of the second floor and base of the soccer/sport court. This space will be used by our school and church but will also allow us to offer a soccer league to the community as a form of outreach.  We need to pour the concrete ASAP before April rains come.    We are thrilled to announce that a friend of Caroline's Promise has offered a $12,000 Matching Grant toward this project. This means that every $1 you give will be matched, becoming $2. Thank you Jesus! The soccer/sport court will be here. We can't wait to see kids and families from the community enjoying this space and finding Jesus! Do you see those trees that God planted years ago? We think it was His dream to have this rooftop play space in area where kids can't safely play outside. So he went ahead and planted those trees in advance. 

Amazing Opportunity to Offer Preschool in Gerona

In October of 2017 we met with families from the community of Gerona.  We wanted to know how we could best partner with them.  When Lisa asked, "What are your dreams for your family & community?" they looked at her like she had 4 heads. She rephrased the question..... "What are the greatest needs in your community?" One thing that we heard over and over was how the kids are struggling in school.  We knew that our older kids were repeating grades several times but in that moment we realized what part of the problem was.  A lot of the parents are illiterate and therefore don't have the resources to help prepare their kids for school.  When they enter first grade they are already years behind where the government expects them to be. We left that meeting asking God how we could best help them with this need.  We have identified property in Gerona where we could build a ministry center.  This place could serve many needs including a church, tutorin

Construction Update

Look what you're helping us do in Guatemala! It's time to update you on the work being done on the Building of Promise. The original space on the first floor has been remodeled. Huge columns were installed in each classroom in an effort to support the third floor soccer/ sport court. All of the classrooms were enlarged and received new flooring. The hallway going out the back of the first floor will look very different to those of you who have visited. It no longer is open, because the second floor meeting room was expanded to accommodate the soccer court.  First floor hallway with classrooms to the right The large meeting room on the second floor was expanded, new windows are being installed on the right side of the room, and this area will receive new flooring. This created a larger meeting room and of course huge columns have been installed to support the soccer court. Part of the roof had to be removed during construction making this area "open&q

Triple Your Impact on AmazonSmile

3x your impact! From March 12-31, AmazonSmile is tripling the donation rate to 1.5%  on your first AmazonSmile purchase! This is a great opportunity and easy way to support Caroline's Promise! Click  here  to be taken to the Caroline's Promise AmazonSmile page! Thank you for your support!

Entire families are changing in Guatemala

Urgent Need for Teachers in Guatemala! Casita Adonai school continues to be a ministry to the children in the Nimajayu community of Guatemala City, but more than just children are being helped.  On a recent visit to the school we heard the story of a family whose 3 children are enrolled.  The mother lived a life of prostitution and the father was involved in gang activity.  They both were known to use and sell drugs.  You can imagine the life that the children lived and yet, each day they were able to attend Casita where they received love, a quality education, and the knowledge that Jesus had not forgotten them.   Because the children were sponsored, the parents were able to afford the other half of tuition.  Otherwise they would have put them in the overcrowded public school where there are often 80 kids to 1 teacher.  In January the father of these children came to the school and the director sensed that he needed someone to talk to.  She opened her office and