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Business Training - Valerie's Story

Today is Tuesday, March 15 th .   How does time move so quickly?   Three weeks ago today I was double-checking my packing list to be sure I had all that I needed to leave the next morning for a week in Guatemala City with my friends Lisa and Stephanie.   I had read the Facilitator’s training guide from Yobel International for the business skills program we would be teaching. I had attended my training meetings with Stephanie and Lisa.   The supplies were packed.   This was to be like no other short term mission team I had served with before.   There would be no reading to children, no camps, no retreats, no painting walls (glory!), no interpretive dance, and no children’s home tour.   On this trip we had the awesome privilege of sharing the very terminology and skills that I had trained for in college and used to varying degrees over more than 20 years in the business world.   In my mind, this would be a very factual mission.   I had no idea how my heart would be touched.