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Meet our newest grant family!

Caroline's Promise was founded because David asked the question, "I wonder how many Christians would adopt if they just had some financial assistance?" Since then we've been able to award close to 20 $3000 grants to North Carolina couples. The kids are from all over the world and are precious, precious, precious! Meet our newest grant family - Jimmy and Gayla Renslow. They pastor a church in Greensboro, NC and while they were waiting to complete an adoption from China - they sensed God changing their course. He was leading them to Uganda! Their friends direct the Good Shepherd's Fold Children's Home there and were able to match them with Baby Zuri. The week before our Caroline's Promise team left for Uganda, our Board of Directors awarded a grant to the Renslows who were already in Uganda, completing their adoption. For the first time in CP history, we were able to be in country with one of our grant families. What a special blessing for me and CP Board

Happy Birthday Caroline!

It blows our mind to think that 6 years ago our Baby Girl was born in Guatemala. It had been a long wait and we were scheduled to take a mission team in June of that year. I begged God to let our baby be born before we got there so that I could hold her. I was pretty irritated that He had not "listened" to me. Of course David said there was no way we could lead a team, knowing that our baby was there at Hannah's Hope. How could we focus? All along I had asked God to give us some sort of "sign" - something really cool that would let us know that He had chosen her specifically for us. On the last day of the mission trip we were driving from Lake Atitlan back to Guatemala City. Although I didn't know her birthmom at the time, I felt this strong urge to pray for her. I just couldn't shake it. When we got home we learned that Caroline had been born that afternoon. God always knows best. Waiting for anything is hard. But later I am usually able to see that

Does God really bless us when we give?

Months ago when we were praying about leaving the church that David had attend for 17 years and I for 30 years - we made a list of the pros and cons. It was a huge decision for us and one that we did not take lightly. Our entire family got involved as we made a list of things we were looking for in a church. One of the priorities was a church that is "other" focused. Not that our previous church wasn't - just that we knew we did not want to be a part of a body that didn't serve others. A few weeks ago I was thrilled to see that the church we are now attending supports the local Pregnancy Care Center. This is a ministry close to my heart, having served on staff for 4 years before starting a family and my private practice. They were handing out baby bottles, asking us to collect change to be returned on Father's Day. Yesterday before church Caroline and I were counting the change - more than $30! Kendall was confused....."Why are we giving "extra&